Saturday, December 19, 2009

Am I Alone on This?

Today started out great. Despite it being one of the busiest shopping days of the year (I thought that was Black Friday?), I got quite a few things knocked out this morning. Returned some things, got a birthday present para mi madre, picked up some more paint for the master bedroom, got a few more things for a certain someone's stocking. While I was at Home Depot, I was toting my cart to the cart return and this guy was just finished loading his purchases into his car, so I said, "Do you want me to return your cart along with mine?" as I reached out for it, and he said "NO! I will take yours! That's the way it should be. Merry Christmas!" I think I had a smile on my face for five minutes. Thanks dude, whoever you are. Sometimes strangers are just downright nice.

So I handed off another manuscript this evening at my writers guild's Christmas party. (So nervous!) Today, I finished all of my grammar edits, thanks to my wonderful friend who happens to be an english teacher! Had a falling out with BOTH of our household printers (we are no longer on speaking terms), but managed to get one manuscript printed and handed off. The other will have to wait until I say that my Officejet can be released from time out.

Tell me what y'all think about this...maybe some of y'all have similar issues. I've been finding that it's extremely hard to tell certain people that I write. I've been writing for YEARS, and one of my best friends has no clue. I just can't tell her. And today, hubby spilled the beans to some of our closest friends that I had written a book and was in a writers guild, and they were like, WHAT? He was very confused that they didn't know. "But you have a blog and everything!" he says. "Yes, but THEY don't know about it!" I said. I've just been very selective about who I think can handle it and who can't. Maybe I'm afraid of judgement? I can be critiqued by strangers and acquaintances because they will be honest and who cares if they think I'm a freak. But some people I'm close's just hard to expose this part of my life. It's like I'm holding out for the published copy in hand. "Look! I did this!" Maybe I'm waiting for that wow factor? haha. Hadn't thought of that before. Some of my close friends have been vital in my book's progress, and some...I just can't tell. Am I alone here?


  1. You are not alone. I, too, have only told certain people in my life that I write. (Those people being the ones I make read my stuff or those who will wonder where I've disappeared to for days on end without emerging from my office to call any of them back.)

    There is something so intimate about writing, and I don't exactly know what it is. Maybe it's because they will judge or think you're weird, which lets face it, I probably am. But, there's also the questions they ask: What's your book about or What made you want to write about that... and they go on and on.

    Sometimes I can't even answer these questions myself. So, I've found that it's easier just to keep it to myself.

    Plus, if and when I do get published than it will be a great surprise for them! : )

    That's the way I choose to see it, anyway. : )

  2. You are totally not alone!

    I recently began telling people I know that I write and mainly because my book is coming out soon and I knew I had no choice. It's completely terrifying!

    I'm still scared each time one of them tells me they can't wait to read it. How weird is that? I should be thrilled that people I know want to read it but it does the exact opposite.

    My favorite reaction so far has been "what other secret things don't we know about you? what else are you hiding?"

    And I agree with Kimberly! When people ask about my book I have a hard time answering! I know exactly what it's about but putting it eloquently into words is a completely different story!

    Great Post!

  3. Great post! I definitely understand your hesitance to tell people. Most people around me know that I write, but I don't talk about it much, because then I get asked those difficult-to-answer questions like "what's it about? What's the title?" and I end up turning bright red and mumbling something about not liking to talk about it. I guess I worry that if I explain what my book is about, it will sound stupid. But generally, people are far more accepting than I give them credit for-- so I'm discovering that maybe I shouldn't be so worried about it.

    Also, I love your "kindness of strangers" moment. That kind of stuff just makes my day. Makes me think I should be doing nice things for strangers more often, so I can make their days, too...:-)

  4. I'm so glad I'm not alone! I am getting better, I think. And it is hard to answer certain questions, for sure, but don't we ask people the very same ones? I think we should start rehearsing answers. What happens when we do a book tour (wishful thinking...except maybe for Kristi ;-) and we have to do Q&A sessions?! Better start writing those scripts!