Friday, December 18, 2009

Analogies from Strange Places

This morning I had a really strange analogy pop into my head while I was driving. First, this car pulled out in front of me like they didn’t see me there at all, only to go slower than the speed limit. I zipped around them to avoid collision, and to get back up to the speed limit, or a wee bit faster because I was running late. Now, despite the fact that I was driving faster than the offender, he caught up with me at each stop light. And I realized that sometimes, even if we drive fast, we aren’t really getting to our destination any faster. We're just increasing our chances of getting in a wreck.
And I think writing a novel and attempting to get published can be looked at this way. Think about it. If we rush through the process in a hurry to see our book in print without doing the necessary editing, going to critique group meetings, studying the market – we’re just going to keep getting stuck at red lights, and those we blazed right on by will catch up and eventually pass us, probably getting there before we do. And we may have even gotten in a wreck somewhere along the way.
I keep thinking I’m so close to being able to query agents, and while I may be close, I still have plenty I can do. Why do I feel like I need to rush? Why do I feel like I’m getting older so quickly and my chances of making something of myself are dwindling?
These things take the time that they take for a reason, and we won’t get to where we’re going any faster than we were meant to.

So, I'm pretty sure I finished my Christmas shopping today! I may still need a few stocking stuffers (it's hard when you're trying not to keep candy in the house...and not to eat it all while wrapping presents). I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend and week leading up to Christmas. I'm asking for lots of books (go figure), movies, music (including both Glee soundtrack volumes!), and a few other choice items. What about y'all?


  1. I completely agree. Well said. At first, I found myself rushing through the entire process and in the end my work suffered for it. Lately, I've beent taking the laid back approach. Well, in my case, as of right now, maybe the a little too laid back approach. But I completely agree with you that we should take our time. What are we rushing for anyway?

  2. awesome post! i think you have a good point there. oh, and kudos on the glee music :)