Monday, December 14, 2009

One of those days...

Slow day at work - though briefly uplifted with a trip to the Jason's Deli salad bar. Vacuumed all the dog hair off the love seat just to discover that slip covers are a JOKE. Gonna take Duke to the vet because he's 1 year old and STILL has accidents in the house - thank the LORD we put an indoor/outdoor rug on the new carpet in the room the dogs have access to. I mean, is he dumb? Does he have a bladder problem? He KNOWS he did wrong, cause he runs and hides. Whatever Duke. I'm decluttering the house which makes me feel like I still have too much STUFF. But I'm sure once we get our new bedroom furniture in, and I organize all my crafty supplies in the closet with the lovely new shelves hubby just put in for me (thank you!), I will feel much less cluttered. Yes, I'm sure that will happen.

Just wrapped a few presents! I love love love wrapping presents. I make a huge ordeal out of it, and drag it out for days and weeks. A few here, a few there. Definitely a highlight to the day.

There are some interesting articles and statements floating around about the Harlequin imprint if you haven't seen them. I'm surprised Harlequin is so shocked that RWA, MWA, and SFWA don't believe it's legitimate publishing. No kidding Harlequin. I'm glad I'm not a romance writer right now, how about y'all?

About to edit for about a half an hour before I hit the hay! Happy Monday to all. Four more days until the weekend!

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  1. I have a craft problem too. It has over taken my house. I must find a way to organize. *sigh*