Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Video Game Writers

There is a whole world of video games that, before Christmas, I’ve had no reason to know of. Hubby’s parents gave us a PS3, and suddenly my eyes are opened. I’ve read that people are or used to be “video game writers”, and forgive me, but I’ve always laughed at that. WRITING a video game?! What’s to write? I’ve only ever just imagined a group of teens in a far off country called Japan saying, “Ok, these two Italian guys are going to rescue this princess from this dragon and they will need mushrooms and flowers for power and will jump over this pipe and slide through this one and bust through this brick and pounce on this turtle-duck….” Then, “Ok, this paperboy will ride his bike down this street and throw papers in these driveways avoiding cars and dogs.” Then, “Ok, these two monkeys are going to swing on these ropes and talk to this really old monkey and ride in this cart and pounce on this snake and throw a barrel at this buzzard and fight this crocodile…” Doesn’t seem like a whole lot of writing (though I'm sure I'm wrong).

But now…before you even get to select your character there is a ten minute movie you have to watch to get the back-story and receive your mission. Then you play for five minutes, walk through a door, another movie, play some more, another movie. There is a whole storyline!!! Professional actors often do the voices! Here I was still following Yoshi on my MarioKart.

Kudos to you, game writers. Your job is a lot more complex than I ever dreamed.

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  1. You know, I actually heard that these video games are pulling in more money than movies, which I think is why they are getting actors in, and making them more movie-like. BTW - did I ever mention I'm jealous of you getting a PS3????