Friday, January 22, 2010

Fanged Friday

Finally one of my guilty pleasure TV shows is back... The Vampire Diaries! Here's my version of the haps from lastnight's episode:

Elena: Darn the luck, I've gotten in another car accident! But wait! Why is the man that I hit reassembling himself and approaching me?! I wish I could scream! I wish I could take off my seatbelt, but I'm upside down and my head's bleeding!

Damon: I'm your hero!

Elena: Who was that?

Damon: I have no idea. I let him get away. I'll hunt him down in another episode.

Elena: What makes you think you can just take me to Georgia?

Damon: Well, I'm beautiful, and immortal, and I can pretty much do whatever I want. Besides, you look just like my ex-lover, and frankly, I like it.

Elena: Fine, but only because I'm angry with your less beautiful brother and I secretly like to look at you, too. By the way, I'm gonna pretend I'm legal and get totally trashed. Hint, hint.

Stefan: Let me talk to Elena!

Damon: Dude, she hates you. I'm in, you're out.
Jeremy: I really can't think about a relationship right now... I was recently totally dumped. [ Somewhere in my head are trapped memories waiting to escape of my druggie ex-Vicki...Vicki the Vampire. ] And vampires aren't real anyway. You're a liar.

Anna: No I'm not! Here's proof!

Jeremy: OMG your grandpa was just as crazy as mine was. We're kindred spirits. But I still can't date you thanks to that dark cloud of distrust and the damage my brain has sustained from my former life of repeatedly escaping my problems with hallucinogens.

Anna: You WILL believe me. I'll make you. You WILL love me. I'll make you.
Bree: Your arch nemesis is here! Come kill him now before I sleep with him again!
Lee: My name is Lee! You killed my girlfriend! Prepare to die! SMACK!

Damon: UNGH!

Elena: NO! Please! Don't kill this beautiful man! He's my ride back home!

Lee: I must!

Elena: Lexi wouldn't want you to!

Lee: Well, okay.
Elena: I saved your life. You owe me a kiss.

Damon: If I kiss you, I'll bite you, and I'm saving that for later when I can enjoy it.

Elena: Fine. Take me home then so I can kiss your emotionally constipated brother.
Elena: You're such a liar Stefan. What else haven't you told me?

Stefan: I saved your life before I met you. Then I stalked you. You look like my ex-lover.

Elena: The same ex-lover Damon had?

Stefan: Yes, we share.

Elena: I'll try to remember that.

Stefan: By the way, you were adopted, which proves that you are a direct descendant of my ex-lover who must have reproduced before I knew her. But I love you now, no matter who you came from.

Elena: Kiss me.

Sigh. Watching The Vampire Diaries makes me feel like I'm back in high school, watching Roswell and Everwood and all those other WB/CW nightmares that I was addicted to. And I LOVE it.
Anyone else watch this show? I haven't read the books yet, and I'm wondering how closely it follows.

Goal Tracking:
Writing: editing editing!
Weight: no results yet... getting frustrated but not giving up!!
Reading: close to finishing my ARC of Truly, Madly. It's pretty good.


  1. OMG! I love that show. Oh, and your lovely rendition of the show last night hit the nail right on the head. And was oh so funny, too! LOL - still laughing.

    Damon is so hott and Stefan, too. I just wonder why boy NEVER looked like that in my high school (you know, like 25 yr old male models). : (

    Anywho, loved your post and loved the show!

    PS - I read (some of) the books, but they weren't my favorite. After they killed Elena off liek 100 times (not joking) (okay, maybe just exaggerating a little) I was out. (Then again, I read them right after Twilight. So, that very well could have been problem #1)

    The show follows the books to a point, but it's different. I love the show! And I'm thinking it has to do with all the male eye candy! : )

  2. LOL... I have to say I have always been intrigued by the show but hadn't tuned in, however after reading this, and getting ridiculously sucked in I must tune in... whats wrong with watching all the High School drama every now and again?!!

    I am going to have to look into this show...

  3. I haven't watched it yet, but that's mostly because I know that if I caught a single episode, I'd be completely hooked. And I don't have time for it right now. Maybe I'll wait until the DVD of the season comes out and watch it in one fail swoop.

  4. That was FRIGGIN HILARIOUS!!!!

    I watch the show and you completely nailed it.

  5. Tanner again here ... this, my friend, is PURE genius!

  6. LMAO! Oh that was wonderful. Much better than how yesterday's episode actually happened. I cant believe she's with Stefan, he acts like a robot and hes always frowning. Okay, he's not that bad, I'm just all for Damon!

  7. Kristin loved your surprise you shared on Coeur de La!! I have another giveaway in a week or so, hope you come back and I love this blog of yours!! Much love!!

  8. I've never seen the show, but your spoof of it was hilarious! It made me a little curious to watch it myself.

    I still love the shows I watched as a teen, even though I realize they're ridiculous. Dawson's Creek and Buffy pretty much shaped my perspective on love and romance...

  9. I'm glad to see I've inspired some people to watch this show! It's really not too bad for a CW teen (though the actors are in their 20's and 30's) show.

    I just may have to make Fanged Fridays into a tradition!

    And welcome new friends!!

  10. Great post, Kristin! My almost daughter and I love Vampire Diaries!

  11. Have to say, I've never been a fan of vampires, except for the original Buffy, and then I like Buffy...not the vampire. But if there was a spoof like this, I'd watch/read it. Very fun!

  12. On a completely unrelated note, I tried to give you props in my Jane Austen Book Challenge post that I discovered the challenge AND the quiz from you, but instead I managed to type Haley when I meant Kristin (I guess I need to proof posts, even on Fridays :p). Just wanted to let you know that it's fixed now; it seemed a shame to say nice things about your blog and have you possibly never see it!

  13. Thank you for participating in The Saturday Network!
    And, lol, loved your summary. I've only read the first two books, but yeah, sounds like all the drama got transferred to the TV show. *sigh*

  14. Yup - Buffy, Dawson and Roswell were my raison d'etre, even into my 20s. In fact I even watched a few episodes of Buffy last night.. ahhh it never gets old. Thanks for the synopsis of Vampire Diaries... made me want to watch it!

  15. I can't stop laughing Kristin!!! Your post totally made my night. And Vampire Diaries makes me feel like I'm back in high school again too. I can't help but think of Dawson, Joey, and Pacey every time I watch Stefan, Elena, and Damon.

  16. Ah, the good old days of the WB.

    Thanks Sharon and Jess :)

    Thanks Guinevere! You're awesome.

    Welcome Jenn! The Saturday Network is a GREAT thing! Thanks for hosting!

    Glad I could make you laugh Angela! :) Check back next Friday for the next installment!