Friday, January 29, 2010

Fanged Friday

Since I had so much fun spoofing The Vampire Diaries last week, I couldn't keep myself from making it a weekly addition to Kristin Creative :) If you missed last week's, the labels are on the right down toward the bottom... like, all the way down there. It's under Fanged Friday.


Elena: So, I’m still freaked out about the new vampire in town that I hit with my car. You really don’t know who he is?

Stefan: No. There’s a lot I don’t know. I’m not nearly as smart as my brother, or as handsome. But thank you for choosing me, by the way. It helps my self esteem. Now, take these pieces of jewelry laced with toxic flowers, so you and your friends can’t be controlled by the evil vampires. And take your great grandfather’s tricked out compass.

Elena: A compass? But I don’t want to go hiking.

Stefan: You don’t? Hmmm. Well, use it to point to Vampires then.
Jeremy: Oh, hey pizza-delivery-boy. Please, step into my house and leave the pizzas there on the table, because it’s completely natural to let a stranger come in.
Elena: Darn it! Why am I such a vampire magnet! What does he want with me?

Stefan: I told you, I don’t know ANYTHING!

Damon: Here’s the deal: whoever he is, he has to die. Your stupid brother invited him in, now this house is in danger. Maybe I erased more than just a few memories from Jeremy's brain.

Elena: Well, now both of you have to come with me to the ‘50’s dance. I will entice the hoodie-wearing vamp with my fancy hair and ribbons, and you two will strike.
Anna: So, do you love me yet? Because I was hoping to borrow your family’s journal.

Jeremy: No. And I don’t have it. I let Alaric read it because I have zero judge of character.

Anna: Don’t make me angry or I’ll bite you!

Jeremy: Whoa. I think you have pink-eye. You should get that looked at.
Noah: Hello Elena. Ditch Thing 1 and Thing 2, and meet me in the hall, or you can kiss your brother goodbye.

Elena: Why me?

Noah: Because you look like my ex-lover.

Elena: I’ve been getting that a lot lately. Now hold still while I attempt to kill you with these freshly sharpened #2 pencils. Drat! It didn’t work! Let me try this broomstick that I just broke over my knee. Blast! Foiled again!

Stefan: Don’t worry, Elena! I am going to save you just before his teeth get to your neck because it’s more exciting that way! Thank you for prepping the broomstick! This is good training for your future vampire days.

Damon: So… what’s the significance of what you’ve been doing exactly?

Noah: She looks like my ex-lover, Katherine. That’s right, fools. You weren’t the only ones that loved her.

Stefan: You are so dead!
Damon: Why are you lurking in the halls and peeking through windows?

Alaric: Uh…

Damon: I’m going to control your mind with my stunningly beautiful eyes and ask you a few questions that you won’t remember.

Alaric: I sure am glad I’m holding this toxic flower and you only THINK I’m being controlled. Thank God I took that acting class in college. And now I know for sure what you really are.
Ben: What happened to Noah?

Anna: Karma. And the Salvatore brothers.

Ben: Did you get the journal from your boyfriend yet?

Anna: Gag. No, but I know who to kill to get it. Does it look like I have pink-eye?

Ben: No.

Anna: Then kiss me.
Alaric: I want to like you, but I’m still hung up on my dead wife. She was murdered by a vampire.

Jenna: Hey I get it. My ex actually was a vampire.

Alaric: I’ll try not to talk about Isabel anymore.

Jenna: Isabel? Yikes. That would sort of make you Elena’s step-dad. And that’s icky, because I’m her aunt.
Elena: Who knew I was so tough? I mean, who can wield a #2 Paper Mate like I can?

Stefan: Yeah, that was pretty hot.

Elena: Kiss me.

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Happy (Fanged) Friday!


  1. I can't help but feel left out from not seeing this television show... I think i'm going to have to check it out!!!

    Happy (Fanged) Friday!!! Woohoo for 100 Followers!

  2. Lol--that cracks me up. Congratulations on 100 followers. Great way to start the weekend!

  3. Nailed it again! This is almost as good as the show, but with much less over-acting.

    Congrats on reaching the century mark!

  4. Hey there.. I came over via Pensive Sarcasm. I've never seen the show, but like your post quite a bit :)

  5. I love this show! You're so smart, Kristin. I think you need to start writing their scripts. LOL.

    : )

  6. Jen - You should be watching it! It's fun!

    Cindy - Thank you!

    DL - Much less over-acting, lol! I'm still laughing at that.

    Jm - Welcome, and thanks!

    Kimberly - YOU are so sweet I can't stand it! lol.

  7. Ahaha I love the new meme! Great idea! This tv series is so spoof-worthy. The books are amazing.

  8. I have to catch up on the show....I have about 6 weeks on my dvr...Funny stuff here Kristin. :)

  9. Hahaha, that was awesome. I like your version better than the actual show!

    Thanks for the comment on my blog! I'm an aspiring writer too. I just finished my first novel, and I'm not sure what to do with it.

    Good luck and happy writing!