Friday, January 8, 2010

Friday Mourning

2010 Goal Tracking:
Writing progress: searching searching searching for agents!
Weight progress: I'm giving my body a day off. I've been mean to it.
Bible in a year progress: Genesis 15-17, Psalm 7

Today I've been particularly missing Rome. I can't get this

*photos removed intentionally*

out of my head. I blew this picture up huge and framed it in my living room. It's next to this one.

Looks fake doesn't it? Everyone that comes over asks where I got it. Um...well I was inside the Colosseum, we were gazing around, my friend said, KRISTIN STOP! LOOK AT THAT TREE! Snap. And here's the result. The Italians cut their pine trees so that all the green is at the top. Really neat looking, Dr. Suessish allmost. Basically, since Italy in September, I've been spreading my photos all over the house! I can't stop myself. I took around 200 pictures of the Colosseum alone. That's just insanity. But I was very moved. Misty eyed, even.

Sigh. Too bad we spent all of our money there and can't go back for years and years.

In other news! For all you poetry writers out there, there is a sweet online magazine called The Basilica Review that I learned about yesterday. Their first fall edition is free on their website, and has some pretty inspiring pieces. They are actively seeking submissions for their Spring issue, so check it out and see if your work is along a similar vein. The website is HERE and I also have added a link on the right panel under OTHER GREAT STUFF!

Gotta catch up on my reading this weekend! I’m off to a land of wolves and mystery!

*All photographs are property of Kristin Rae and may not be used or duplicated without written permission.


  1. wow great pictures! they really are incredible...

  2. Those are really beautiful photos. My husband was in Italy on a business trip a couple of years ago and his photos did not turn out nearly so nice! I haven't been to Italy for many years. Someday I hope to go back!

  3. Those pictures make me want to visit Rome!

  4. Thank you, thank you, and thank you! I had always sworn by film but didn't want to fiddle with rolls on this trip, so we broke down and bought the Nikon really takes amazing pictures. I took 1200 one week...and in the highest resolution possible. My computer only had room for about 100 of them before I clogged up the C drive and had to buy a portable hard drive! Ooops!

  5. those are some fantastic photos. i hope you're well.

  6. I love landscape pictures, and your pictures are so beautiful! Lucky you...trip to Italy must have been a dream come true!

  7. You're a lovely photographer Kristin! Enjoyed your photos IMMENSELY. Actually, is there any way you'd be interested in submitting some of your photos to be considered for the front cover of our next issue? We don't offer open submissions for our front cover...we solicit photographers we like on a case-by-case basis...and I think the other editors would LOVE some of this work. If we decide not to use it on the front cover, we might be interested in using it for the website if you're open to that. It's completely up to you! Anyway, just thought I'd let you know that your photography is definitely the kind of photography we're looking for. :) And I already like you so I'd love to feature your photos, if my other editors like your work too.

  8. hello--thanks for plugging our little magazine! you have a cute blog--and i like hearing about a fiction-writers manuscript developments, as poetry manuscript developments are vastly-different (perhaps?).