Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Haiti Earthquake

2010 Goal Tracking:

Writing progress: 1000 words today for Still Loving Ghosts
Weight progress: strength training, and 20 minutes of cardio, many more calories GONE
Bible in a year progress: Genesis 30-32, Psalm 12

I promise I won't make a habit out of posting more than once a day, but this was on my heart. You've all heard about the devestating earthquake in Haiti by now. But this hits me particularly hard because I've been sponsoring a girl named Dana there for over four years through Compassion International. I'm not sure if her area was affected, and Compassion International currently has no way of getting in touch with their projects. The CI group from the Dominican Republic is on their way there now to see what they can learn/how they can help. I'm very concerned about Dana and her family because just this past summer, her mother passed away, and several months ago she wrote to tell me they moved to a large city. I'm not sure which city, but I'm hoping for the best until CI gets official word and contacts me. If you're interested in donating to CI's relief fund, you can do so HERE. A simple $35 gives food and supplies to a family for a week. This amazes me. When was the last time I cost less than that in one day?

My prayers go out to Dana and her country.


  1. I for one don't mind if you post more than once a day :P But truly I hope that Dana is alright. Please keep us updated when you find out if she is. Hoping for the best!


  2. I hope Dana is okay. Please let us know when you hear something.
    Winged Writer

  3. I really hope Dana is safe. This is just so terrible.

  4. Wow, I forgot that your sponsored child is from Haiti! How scary. I hope she is okay and her family too. We are praying for the people of Haiti and hope you will find out good news about your sponsored child soon!