Monday, January 11, 2010

Muscle Monday - Workout Plan

2010 Goal Tracking:

Writing progress: wrote a few paragraphs for SLG; agent spreadsheet tweaking
Weight progress: ouch!
Bible in a year progress: Genesis 24-26, Psalm 10

Well, my personal trainer (I feel so cool saying that – if only I could also throw in “You’ll never believe what my chef made for me” also! lol) emphasized the importance of cardio in my first session. I asked her about what I posted last week: cardio vs. strength training first? And she said its always a good idea to warm up about 5 minutes on a cardio machine, strength train, and then do your full-out cardio. Or you can alternate days if you have the time. Not only because of the reasons that Brad explained, but because strength training is MENTAL. You have to figure out weights, count reps, and concentrate on posture and breathing. But with cardio (she has me on a version of the elliptical machine for my knee’s sake) you can just go and go without thinking much; watch TV, jam to music, etc. If you do cardio first, you’re too tired to get a great strength training session in.

Click HERE to read what Jillian Michael’s, trainer on The Biggest Loser, says about cardio. If you don't want to read it, it basically says you can lose 3.5 pounds a week by eating right and doing 2 hours of cardio a day. Pretty crazy! Don’t know who has time for that, but if I get desperate enough, I’m willing to try an hour before work, and an hour after work. I may need to start investing in audio books!

I’ll leave you with the workout regimen from my first personal training session. In my next session (today, actually), I’m going to learn a completely different set of things, but this is a great place to start. Maybe for those of you in need of a PLAN in the gym, this can help! And if you don’t have a gym membership, a 5lb and/or 10lb set of free weights and a balance ball are GREAT to start toning those muscles. We can DO IT!

Cardio machine of choice: 30 minutes, 3 X’s a week. For my age (26) and resting heart rate, I need to keep my heart rate up between 140-160 for 20 minutes.

There are very specific ways of doing each of the following, and I’m finding it a bit difficult to figure out how to explain them, so if you haven’t done them before, I suggest looking it up, or have someone show you the proper ways and postures to avoid injury and work the muscles meant to be worked. The weights for these listed are obviously for girls ;-).

Core: Plank – 2 sets of 10 reps; 4 second hold
Core: Balance ball crunch – 2 sets of 10 reps; hold 2 seconds – don’t pull up with neck; use upper abs
Legs: Balance lunges – 2 sets of 10 each side – instead of lunging forward, raise free leg knee up then lunge behind (This bothered my knee a bit, so I think I will discontinue)
Legs: Extensions – 2 sets of 12; 10 pounds – one leg at a time
Legs: Press – 2 sets of 12; 70 pounds – don’t lock knees
Chest press – 2 sets of 12; 25 pounds
Back row – 2 sets of 12; 30 or 40 pounds
Shoulder press – 2 sets of 12; 10 pounds (I know that seems light, but it’s so not. Try it and you’ll see what I mean. This is the one where you raise the arms above the head.)
Bicep curl – 2 sets of 12; 30 pounds
Triceps – 2 sets of 12; 25 pounds

And here is a personal hint. After attempting this full workout, do not watch any hilarious television for several days. Because if you’re as out of shape as I am…. The first night after I did this, I watched Modern Family. I was laughing so hard I had to wrap my arms around my stomach and suppress tears.

I’ll see y’all tomorrow for Teaser Tuesday, and the rest of Still Loving Ghosts’ chapter 1!


  1. I have one word for you: OUCH! You're a brave girl. I might have to start doing some of these work outs....hmmm...maybe next week. Yeah, definitely next week! : )

    Oh and Modern Family is the best show...EVER!

  2. Good luck with your 2010 goals. One of mine was to read more writer's blogs and that how I came across yours. I also have goals for progress in writing and weight but I'm not doing nearly as well as you.

  3. Oh, and just so I don't forget. A little birdie told me you should definitely visit my blog tomorrow. : )

    Can't wait till Teaser Tuesday!

  4. Ashley - I'm so glad you found me! Good luck with your 2010 goals as well! And I don't have any results with the weight progress yet, I just have to document it all to keep me motivated. And I hope I motivate others as well, because I really don't want to do it alone!!

    And Kimberly - I visit your blog everyday ;-) but I will definitely be on a special lookout tomorrow! And as far as exercising, maybe start small this week. My PT said core exercises can be done everyday! So maybe do a few sets of crunches before bed, and it might get you pumped for the big swing next week!!