Thursday, January 14, 2010


2010 Goal Tracking:

Writing progress: another 1000 words for my WIP
Weight progress: took today off
Bible in a year progress: no assigned reading for today

Today was pretty good, despite my sinus headache/sneezing/etc. But I just took some medicine for PM so I should be feeling pretty good here in about 20 minutes.

I got to see my best friends today. We chit chatted, saw Young Victoria (GREAT movie by the way), and ate a little appetizer. One of these friends knew I wrote a book (and is actually reading it for me), the other, had no clue. The knowing friend made me tell the not knowing friend, because she thought that just wasn't something you kept from best friends. So I finally spilled, and all's well. And she offered to edit, which I'd be all for (especially because she scored PERFECTLY on the pre-SAT grammar portion back in the day), but I'm too embarassed. hahaha. I know that sounds silly, but it did confirm something to me. I have a lot more editing to do, because if I'm not ready to show her, I'm not ready to show the agents.

And my friend who is currently reading my WIP for me had some interesting things to say. I asked her about it, she took in a deep breath. Not a good sign. Then she surprised me. She said that she was impressed with my writing - had no idea I could write like that (which I wasn't sure I should take offense to or not - I didn't). While it's not her genre, AT ALL (she's more memior, politics, literary fiction), she was entertained...until a couple of chapters in and I lost her. She tried to explain what she meant in the two minutes we had to discuss it, but I can't wait to talk to her more at length. While I'm not looking to be literary fiction at all, I don't want to be corny. Sometimes it takes another (thankfully honest) person to point this out. Better her telling me this than an agent! So as soon as I got home, I ripped apart the section she was talking about and now I'm totally lost. Confused. Back to the drawing board. I'm threatening to rip out the whole chapter. hahaha. It's complete crap. I need my book to needs to match itself. So, guess what I'll be doing this weekend?! YOU GUESSED IT! REWRITES!!

Happy almost Friday everyone. I'm off to enjoy the land of cold and flu PM.....


  1. Hope you get to feeling better. And happy re-writing.
    Winged Writer

  2. I'm working to rewrite a whole chapter. Blech and yet also exhilerating b/c I can make it better.
    ~ Wendy

  3. Hope you feel better and good luck with the rewrites! Sounds like you have some awesome friends to help along the way...honesty is something it's sometimes hard to find among friends and relatives! Consider yourself blessed! :-)

  4. I hope you feel better soon!
    Good luck with those rewrites. An honest reading friend is such a blessing. I treasure mine.

    Happy Friday!

  5. I love your goal tracking. I need to do the same.

  6. Feel better soon, and good luck with the rewrites!