Sunday, February 21, 2010

Interview with Kristi Chestnutt - Author of The Wolf Within!

I am very proud to have Kristi Chestnutt here today! It's the first stop on her blog tour!

Her debut novel, The Wolf Within, is just days away from release... Let's take a look at it!!
Isn't that cover just beautiful? I don't know about y'all, but it makes me that much more excited to read it!

Before the interview, here's the scoop on The Wolf Within:

When Gwyn, a quirky college student, bumps into Faden, a private investigator with a secret past, life as she knows it will not just change, but end.

Faden can’t deny the powerful connection he and Gwyn have right from the start, a connection that pulls him towards her when he knows he should be staying away. As his investigation into the town’s most recent murders heats up, his resolve weakens and he gives in to Gwyn’s pull, knowing that getting close to someone again would mean sharing his secret: he is Immortal.

Little does he know that he will never get the chance to tell her himself. His past hunts him down, taking Gwyn prisoner and plunging them into a world they never knew existed. Together they will be thrown into the midst of battle, befriending the very serial killer Faden has been hunting. Forced to leave their homes behind and run from the authorities, we watch as Gwyn helps Faden become the leader that destiny and fate has called him to be.

Welcome Kristi!

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Me? Hmmm…I tend to ramble so this is a brave question. I’m short - five feet exactly. My family likes to say I’m four foot eleven inches but they’re wrong I tell you…WRONG!

I like goat cheese. I love to snowboard. I have a boxer, Van Gogh and a pug, Roxy. I’m obsessive about turning off lights and appliances in the house. Not really because it’s more energy efficient (although a nice bonus), but because it bothers me to leave them on. I like to lock my car doors the INSTANT I’m in the car. I know logically it is crazy to think someone would steal me right out of my car but for some reason locking them makes me feel safer. My cell phone is on the fritz and it will randomly make a buzzing sound in replacement of my voice, or so my family tells me. I have to continually call people back every three to four minutes and if I don’t replace it soon my family may disown me. It’s on my list of “to do’s”.

2. Congratulations on The Wolf Within! What emotions have you felt leading up to the release?

Thanks Kristin! It’s been a roller coaster ride of emotions! First there was extreme excitement (Wow…I’m going to be published!), followed quickly by panic (Holy crap…I’m going to be published…people will judge me…EEEK!), then frustration (editing is not one of my favorite things!), then fear (what will the cover look like?), and ultimately in the end, back to excitement (this is really happening and it rocks!).

3. Did you write other novels before The Wolf Within that didn’t survive the path to publishing?

Oh yes. I’ve recently debated taking them out of the dreaded filing cabinet for another look but I haven’t had the courage. I didn’t believe in them enough to even try. A few close friends were the only ones to have ever read them.

4. Have you always wanted to be a writer?

Yes and no. I’ve always enjoyed writing as a hobby and an outlet. Being published and/or having an agent are life-long dreams of mine…one down, one to go. Writing as my full time career, however, is not something I’ve ever considered…in my mind it would be too stressful to have that kind of pressure and I try to be realistic about what I love to do.

5. What are your interests outside of writing? Do you ever feel guilty ignoring writing too long to do something else, or visa versa?

I love spending time with family and friends, snowboarding, reading, going on long walks with the dogs, hiking…anything outdoors really.

AND a huge YES on the guilt. It goes both ways…the nights I lock myself in my office to work on something I feel guilty that I’m not spending more time with my family. And the weeks my personal life takes over and I can’t write, I start to panic, wondering if whatever story I want to tell will ever be done. I try to strike balance between my writing life and family life…some weeks it works and others it doesn’t.

6. What are you currently working on?

I’m currently working on two different projects and debating a third. One is a literary fiction piece title “The Ones” about a boy orphan looking for his family and the other is a paranormal young adult piece (untitled) about a high school romance.

7. A lot of authors say that music is vital to them while writing. Is there anything that’s a must for you to help the words flow?

Every now and then music really speaks to me and inspires a story, but it’s always more inspiration for my story rather than something I need in the background to help me write. It’s like a kick start to get me going. For me, I really need to think about and mull a story over in my head before I am really able to get the words to flow.

8. You’ve gone through this process without an agent. For your next novel, will you seek representation?

Definitely! I’ve learned a lot about the publishing process as I went this first time around but there’s a lot of work and doubt involved when you’re doing something so large on your own. I’m hoping with my next project to find an agent that will help me along and let me relax a bit more.

9. Out of all the books you’ve read, which character have you most wanted to be?

This one is hard because I think we put ourselves into each book we read. I really think I’d most want to be Hermione from Harry Potter. Going to Hogwarts would be pretty spectacular and it’s hard not to fall in love with Ron’s character. Plus she has the best friends and knows everything. I was going to choose Pride and Prejudice because you know how I love some Mr. Darcy…I’m just not sure I could live without electricity and hot showers.

10. Anything else you’d like to say to the future readers of The Wolf Within?

Thank you! I would love to say that to each and every person that buys and reads this book. I’m just thrilled to have it out there for others to read and review. I’m looking forward to hearing what everyone thinks…both the good and the bad…I’ve come to realize it’s how we grow as writers. Receiving feedback is a necessary part of the process and I’m dying to know what everyone will think. Terrified and excited at the same time!

Thanks for the great interview Kristi!

The Wolf Within is due for release this Thursday, February 25th, and will be available from her publisher's online bookstore, Black Rose Books, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Books-A-Million.

Kristi is hosting a fabulous contest, giving you a chance to win a prize pack for The Wolf Within! Prize Pack includes: an autographed copy of The Wolf Within, a $25 Barnes & Noble Giftcard AND a $5 Starbucks Giftcard. The winner will be announced Feb 25th, 2010!
Enter now on Kristi's blog! Also visit her blog for her blog tour schedule, and be sure to follow her if you don't already. Her posts are hilarious, inspiring, smart... I am proud to call her a friend! :)


  1. This is a great interview. I am excited for Kristi's book. And I love her blog, too.

  2. Kristi, enjoy the ride! Life as YOU know it is about to change as well.

    And I lock my doors the moment I'm in my vehicle - what's weird about that?

  3. Love the interview. And I felt exactly the same range of emotions when I first sold a book; excitement to fear to excitement to fear... Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thanks for the interview Kristin!!! You had great questions and managed to get me even MORE excited than I already was for my book!

    And for the record - I'm quite proud to call you a friend!!! The best thing about blogging for me has been the relationships!!!

  5. That cover is absolutely gorgeous! Great interview, ladies. I'll definitely be getting the book. :-)

  6. I didn't realized your book was going to be release in just a matter of days. How exciting.

  7. Love this interview! Love your cover! Love you (in a non-creepy stalker kind of way, of course)! And I just know I'm going to love your book, Kristi!

    Thanks for such a great interview, ladies! You both are the best! : D

  8. Thx... great blog. i'll be back.

  9. Great job Kristin! I only hope I can do half as well when I interview Kristi on Friday.

  10. Great answers, Kristi! I know being interviewed is nerve-wracking, but you came off effortless and approachable. So excited to read your book!

    Kristin, thanks for having such a great blog.