Friday, February 19, 2010

It's Friday! And the Ally Carter Book Signing!! (Molto Fantastico!)

Went to Ally Carter's signing last night here in Houston. She was delightful! Hilarious, inspiring, friendly! Everything you'd want an author to be when you go to an event.

There were quite a few young girls there (understandably), and my friend and I were amazed at the questions they asked. They were so insightful! Why wasn't I that smart when I was in junior high?! Must get a time machine programmed to 1997 and tell myself, "you ARE cool", and "you should really think about reading more". Maybe I would have started writing more seriously sooner. But what's done is done and everything happens because it's supposed to! So no "shoulda coulda woulda" from me!

A few points of interest from the evening, Ally mentioned how securing the Gallagher Girls series with the publisher was like them asking, "What's your favorite type of food?" "Pizza." "Well congratulations you get to eat pizza every night for the rest of your life!" And at first it's fantastic, but then you start to feel that you want to taste something else. That's where Heist Society came in to play. Inspired from a line she heard in an audio book she was listening to in her car. Something about a cat burglar. Then she knew she had to write a book about a burglar named Kat.

Her inspiration for the Gallagher Girls happened while she was half heartedly watching an episode of Alias (obsessed with that show! Miss it terribly!) with the TV on mute. She looked up from what she was doing just at the right moment that made her think, "Does that girl go to a boarding school for spies?" She unmuted and discovered she was very wrong, but the idea stuck.

Another interesting tidbit; a girl asked why we never see the girl's entire face on the cover of the Gallagher Girls books. She's a SPY that's why! And they originally wanted the first model to do all the covers, but she can't model again until her grades are up (hilarious!), and they've actually had a different model on each of the 4 covers done so far. The second book is a photoshopped face of the first girl on a different girl's body. HA! Marketing... which is also the reason the uniforms are a different color on each cover, so the reader could easily see which one was new.

She took the time to talk to every single person, and was very personable with the young girls, who were a bit star struck. She took photos, signed ALL the books they brought, asked everyone questions... it was such a joy to see an author signing done this way. I was already a fan of her work, but I'm even more so now a fan of her.

And yes, I did snag an extra signed copy for a GIVEAWAY!! I will probably announce it officially on Monday, or Tuesday (mio compleanno), so shhhhh!

Anyway! Tonight also has fun things in store, because I will get to meet these lovely boys again!!

Can't wait to shake their hands (after I wipe the sweat off of mine), and hopefully sneak a picture in with them since I wasn't able to last time... we'll see. THANKS FOR THE TICKETS DAD! Grazie papa! Sono molto eccitato! (I don't know why I feel the need to teach y'all Italian today! lol.)

Venerdi felice! (Happy Friday!)


  1. Happy Friday! I'm so happy about going tonight! My sister is on board to tag-a-long with me!!! So yay for Heist Society!!!

    Have fun at the Switchfoot concert!!

  2. Is there a contest for the Switchfoot tickets??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. That author sounds great. I've never been to an author signing, but I've been to a lot of meet-and-greets with bands, and it makes a world of difference if the band is friendly or not. I stopped liking a band because the main singer was rude to his fans during one of the signings. I just couldn't stomach listening to him after that.

    Very cool you got to meet an author you like! And that is hilarious about the model not being able to work until she gets her grades up. lol

  4. Ohhh, you're so lucky! Switchfoot is one of my faves. I hope you have a great time!

  5. What a great weekend you have ahead. Enjoy!

  6. You can speak Italian anytime, Kristin! Love anything Italiano. I swear, you are good at everything. You paint, you write, you speak one of the best languages in the world. It isn't fair... Heist Society looks interesting. I'll have to pick it up. (I posted an award for you this morning.)

  7. Maybe because Italian is such a beautiful language. ;)

    How fun to meet someone so great! Someday I'm going to be able to catch a book signing. It won't be happening in Nassau though. I can guarantee that!

  8. Thanks for the review and for sharing your night! I love hearing about author signings!!! And I can't wait for the giveaway!

    Have fun tonight! *she mumblies jealously*

  9. thanks for the italian lesson!

  10. How fun!!! Love author signings. :)

    And I REALLY miss Alias, too!

  11. I'm so incredibly jealous of you right now!

  12. thanks for the review! switchfoot is awesome,have fun!