Friday, February 12, 2010

New Goals and Funky Moods

I apologize to the handful of you who enjoy the usual Fanged Friday edition to this blog, but I'm just not feeling it today. I enjoyed the episode (I enjoy any episode where Damon shows intense emotion and I am just WAITING for the day when he grabs Elena and kisses her and she LIKES it! lol.), but I'm just in one of those FUNKS.

This funk has been going on for several days - and I'm not sure if it's related to the things I've cut out of my diet (cheese, most chips, excess breads, tortillas, excess sweets, etc.), just being frustrated with my lack of progress in the weight-loss department in general, my writing anxieties, or all the rain we've been getting. Maybe it's a combo.

I'm kickin it up a few more notches, and setting more goals. Goals with no expiration dates.

In the weight loss world: I really need to be more positive. I've had a crappy attitude recently, very negative. A lot of people who are overweight struggle to get that last 10-15 pounds off, right? Well, what happens for those of us who are starting at that last 10-15 pounds? We can't get it off either!!! If any of you have any miracle solutions (cutting certain things out, eating certain other things, hours of exercise per week, etc) that worked for this, please share. I've gotten a personal trainer, I've cut down my calories, cut out certain foods as listed above... And I've lost 2 pounds. TWO POUNDS in two months. Can I tell? No. Did I recently just purchase the largest pants I've ever purchased in my life? Yes. Was I dangerously close to having a meltdown in the dressing room? Yes. I need help.

In the writing world: I've been ignoring my completed novel, Between the Letters, and I am feeling it. We've all heard about how many novels authors write before they get one published, and since this is my first - it took me four years, and I pretty much learned to write while writing it - I've convinced myself it wasn't going anywhere, and I ingored it. This is no way to be. It's a good story. I've been told it's a GREAT story. I owe it to my hard work to see it through to the agent rejections. And here is my plan:
It's roughly 30 chapters, most of them between 5-10 pages long. Each day, I am focusing on one chapter at a time, revising, making sure the verbs are ACTIVE, editing, giving my MC more personality, filling in gaps, deleting the crap.... I finished the prologue and chapter 1 lastnight, and I'm once again falling for my story. I think the 1 chapter a day pacing will keep me sane, and within a month, it should get to where it needs to be to submit. I'm starting to perk up already.

Anyway... sorry for the rant. I'm open to suggestions in the weight loss dept. Funny that once upon a time, I saw myself as the motivator for this. Yeah, that didn't last very long. lol!

*Please don't misunderstand - I'm a very thankful person. Thankful for general health, family and friends... freedom. I do understand that I am blessed at this time in my life, so please don't take offense to this post of a funky mood.

Happy Olympics and Valentine's Weekend!


  1. Oh Kristin, you will get there. Everything just takes time. : )

    PS - I'm feeling your pain on every subject!

  2. Without knowing what kind of resources you have or not (etc.)... Have you thought about trying the Wii Fit? It seems weird that a video game system can be helpful in the whole weight loss/healthy living categories, but it is a fun and great way to get into, and stay in, shape.

    As a note, I have no affiliation to Nintendo or whoever makes the Fit software and stuff. I'm just willing to suggest something if I think it is a good product!

    If Wii Fit isn't any option (and I could totally see the case where buying a video game system and accompanying "game" might not be especially practical...), it's tough to recommend something else without knowing what you've already tried. I hope your funk passes quickly, though!!

  3. Great idea to do a chapter at a time. It's great when you reread your story and still love it:)

  4. You have my full empathy! If you drink at least 65-80 ounces of water per day and cut back a little on calories, you should lose weight even without killing yourself with exercise.

  5. The thing that lost me some weight was to not eat after 7pm. It makes me more conscious of what I am eating during the day. I have to think about when I eat my goodies and what I choose to eat when I know I will have my kids watching and wanting me to share.

    For the writing, I feel the same way. Editing is hard when you don't love the story. As soon as I fall in love with it again, it takes off.

  6. Kristin - you are totally cracking me up because I've SO BEEN THERE!

    I actually have a miracle weight loss diet thing that I'll email you. It's no fun but it works like a charm! You just have to have the motivation to eat boring foods for 11 days in a row and it sounds like you are already there!!!

    Hang in there girl!

  7. Thanks for the help guys! My spirits are slowly perking.

    Shannon: I've definitely cut back on the calories - trying to shoot for around 1400-1500 a day. I also don't usually drink anything but water, and lots of it, so I'm one step closer.

    Kayeleen: I will certainly try not eating after 7. I've heard that helps a lot. I'll just have to make myself go to bed before I get hungry again. :)

    Kristi - checking the miracle menu now!!

  8. I also like the Wii Fit and Wii Sports Active just to mix it up! But I'm also at the point that I'd love to lose 5-7 pounds. Though I would love to be able to cut out certain foods, I have no self control!
    Good luck to you! Everyone gets in these funks, you will be out of it soon!

  9. I feel for you. You will get there. I know how it can be trying to set goals and it taking forever to get there. You can do it:)

  10. Don't stress the weight! My husband and I decided to change our eating habits eight years ago, and it was depressing when he lost ten pounds before I even lost one. I was so frustrated! However, I ended up dropping more sizes than he did (from almost a 14 to a 2) when all was said and done.
    So don't give up!

  11. Kristin~ first I want to apologize for the choppiness of this comment. I'm typing it on my iPhone and it's a itty bitty keyboard.

    You never have to apologize about posting in a funk. That is what this community is all about...leaning on each other when the world starts besting us down. will be there for me when it's my turn to sag.

    About the weight, don't give up on yourself. You and your body are in a staredown and you can't afford to blink. I have gone weeks before without losing a single pound...even gaining a couple back...but I stick it out and the next week I lost three pounds. Your body will reach plateaus in your weight loss and you just have to be determined. THEY WILL COME OFF!

    And your book...that is a solid plan you have laid out. Just because it's your first novel shouldn't mean it should automatically be dismissed. Run it up the flag pole and see what happens.

    Chin up! :)

  12. Revision is hard for me because I like having a daily page or word count goal, but it doesn't quite work that way when you're revising. I'm going to reread the whole thing and take notes on what needs fixing. I hope it helps.

  13. Keep your head up lovely!! Wishing you the best weekend! xo

  14. You know, you don't HAVE to write a million novels before publication. It just usually works out that way. Nothing is set in stone so give yourself a break! See how you already broke the mold by changing your usual Friday post? You can do that in the publishing world, too! Think that way and you'll feel better, promise. ;)


  15. We all go through funks, and it seems like you're on the right path towards positivity :) Hang in there!