Sunday, February 28, 2010

Something to Look at Sunday

If you were like me yesterday, you spent a couple of hours in front of the TV watching the footage of yet another earthquake that took hundreds of lives, and braced for the impact of a tsunami headed for Hawaii, which thankfully was very minor.
Why are these earthquakes becoming such frequent occurrences? Why is our earth feeling the need to shift around so much? It's fascinating to learn about the science of it all... if only it didn't cause so much death and destruction.

Haiti update: I have gotten word from Compassion International (the child sponsorship program that I go through), and Dana, whom I've sponsored in Haiti for years now, is thought to be safe, as she did not live in the affected area. I'm still waiting to hear from her directly, but I'm sure the entire country is experiencing delays in communications. Nevertheless, I'm thankful for the news I've received.
My prayers are still with the people of Haiti, as well as the people of Chile.

Watching the coverage of Hawaii yesterday got me thinking a lot about, well, Hawaii. They kept showing places and I'd say, OH! I've been there! And there! And there!
Hawaii is dear to me, as I've visited four times so far, and have made it to the four major islands: Oahu, Hawaii, Kauai, and Maui.
For today's Something to Look at Sunday, I thought I'd pay homage to these beautiful islands with some photos from my travels there. Enjoy!

A lighthouse viewed from the top of Diamond Head - Oahu

A section of the USS Arizona still sticking up out of the water, at the Arizona Memorial, Pearl Harbor - Oahu

Luau - Maui

Flame thrower at Luau - Maui

Ship off the coast of Maui

We went to an orchid farm on the big island of Hawaii

One of my favorite places in the world, Keanae, along the Road to Hana - Maui

The trunk of a Rainbow Eucalyptus tree.

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Felice Domenica!

*All photographs are property of Kristin Rae and may not be used or duplicated without written permission.


  1. Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Ahhhhhhh...the Road to Hana. Good memories there. Thanks for the smiles this morning. :)

  3. As a science student, I am always fascinated by nature, but you're right, it is also very scary, capable of causing so many deaths and so much destruction. :<

    I've never been to Hawaii, but it looks so beautiful!

  4. Never been to Hawaii - beautiful pics. Think my next major trip is another cruise or a return to England.

  5. Beautiful pictures! Never been to Hawaii but I will be going this year to see my sister. I am thankful it wasn't terrible because she lives there with her husband and is 8 months pregnant, I worried about her and I didn't want her stressing too much because that would just upset the baby!

  6. Did you take those pics, Kristin? They are gorgeous! Wow. I have not been to Hawaii. Someday... :)

  7. Your pictures are wonderful. You have a great eye.

  8. Glad to hear the child you're sponsoring is safe. And thanks for sharing the photographs, they are lovely - what's your favorite place/activity in Hawaii? I'm going to Oahu in April, and am very excited :)

    Just found your blog; I'm an aspiring author as well, and am in the midst of submitting my novel to agents. Good luck with your querying!

  9. Great post! Very sad, indeed. Lovely pictures, however.

    not too serious i hope

  10. L. Diane - I'd LOVE to go to England one day. I want to do a tour of all the places they film the Austen type movies!!

    Jen - you will LOVE Hawaii!!

    Lindsey - Yes, I did take those pictures actually, with my Nikon N80 (film) - We bought a Nikon D5000 for our Italy trip, and they are good...we were assured digital has finally caught up with the quality of film...but I don't completely agree. The upside with digital is not changing the roll every 24 pictures and wondering if any of them turned out. lol. but a little quality is sacrificed (I believe)

    Southpaw - thank you! I do enjoy taking pictures!!

    Lynn - Thanks for finding me! Waikiki is my fav place in Oahu, for sure!

  11. Great photos. My parents are there right now and were sequestered yesterday while they waited to see if the tsnaumi would come.

  12. I've never been to Hawaii. Boo-hoo.

    A doctor friend of mine just came back from Haiti and is going to speak about his experience at my church. I can't wait to hear his experience.

    PS. I gave you a blog award today. :)

  13. Love these photos Kristin! It brought me back to my trip to Hawaii a while back! Especially the Maui ones!

    My big question - on the road to Hana (nearly got sick on those winding roads) there was a little pull off spot where you could jump off this rock into a pool of water...did you do it? It was super high! Do we have matching photos of that moment? It would be pretty cool if we did. And I wouldn't be the least bit surprised...

  14. Thank you for sharing such beautiful pictures! And I hope that you hear from your sponsored child soon.