Tuesday, March 16, 2010


1. Sometimes my baby toenail falls off. I mean, there's not much to the thing anyway, and it doesn't hurt... much. It grows back eventually.
FALSE: This doesn't happen to me, but one of my best friends does have this issue...

2. One trip to Disney World, I got sick on Space Mountain and it landed on people waiting in line below the ride.
FALSE: But I came VERY close. And it would have hit the people waiting in line... I checked.

3. I am mentioned in the acknowledgments section of a published novel.
TRUE! The great and powerful Kristi Chestnutt mentioned me in her debut novel The Wolf Within! She SO rocks my face off! Buy it HERE!

4. While we were in Italy, hubs got his wallet pick-pocketed at the Trevi Fountain.
FALSE: But he really really really tried to get his wallet stolen there. It was empty except for a slip of paper that said "get a job" in Italian.

5. I was in a friend's wedding, and my car got broken into during the reception. They busted my window, stole $1000 worth of stuff, and threw it all in the dumpster of a church.
TRUE: The hoodrats stole our overnight bag, my wallet (because I was IN the wedding and had no purse, so I "hid" it in the car... pah), my case with all my GOOD makeup, and other various items. They busted the back passenger window (which has since been fixed but lately decided not to roll down anymore), and those ain't cheap! They stole about $10 cash from my wallet, checked all our pockets in all our clothes (they were inside out), and threw it all in the dumpster of a church. The pastor called the police and we got all our stuff back after a nice dumpster dive... it took me about 5 washings to get the smell out of the clothes.

6. I used to be in a band, and we once had a gig at a club in Nashville.
FALSE: But ALMOST true... I was in a band, and we did play in Nashville, but it was at a battle of the bands thing and not in a club.

7. When I was 12, I broke my arm rollerblading in my friend's driveway. It was summer, and I HAD to swim, so I tied a grocery sack over my cast. It smelled really bad.
FALSE: I've never broken a bone in my body. This happened to a friend of mine, and I always felt like it was my fault because we were rollerblading to another of my friend's houses, and she tripped on a rock in the driveway. Months of her life spent in a cast (a stinky, itchy one!). She was killed in a car accident a week or two before 9/11, and I still sometimes feel bad that she had to wear a cast that one time when she was 12.

8. I know all the words to every Monkees song.
FALSE: I know MOST of them.


  1. Crap! Missed the second one. *Huffing off*

  2. Haha what fun!!! I'm relieved it wasn't your baby toenails... the thought kind of freaked me out!

  3. Totally fun... I love reading the things people write for this award and then the follow-ups. :) Good times!

  4. LMAO!!! I Love #4. sososo funny!
    When i was in italy, one of our chaperones did almost get mugged by a pack of gypsies, but his wife saved him.

  5. That is such a bummer about your car being broke into! And at a church? Those hoodlums had balls, right?!

    I've got another award for you :D Stop over chez moi when you get a chance!

    Happy St. Patty's Day!!

  6. Thanks Nicole!!

    The break-in actually happened where the reception was, at a golf course. The church where the dumping took place was across the street.

  7. I love reading this sort of stuff. I broke my leg when I was two. My Dad dropped me, lol! I've been this way ever since.