Sunday, April 11, 2010

Something To Look At Sunday

The Azaleas have been in full swing these past two weeks, and they are beautiful!!

When the sun just started dipping low, I ran outside with my camera.

Look how they glow!

The large bushes on the side of the house are three varieties of pink (I'm pretty sure they're over 20 years old... these things are HUGE), and last year we planted some short red ones in front, but they are JUST starting to bloom so I don't have pictures of them yet.  

This is the window box in my kitchen above the sink.  What a lovely view of the neighbor's wall I have while washing dishes.  Blah.  I can't wait to have land and an actual garden.
Friday, I took a half day and hit up the local Home Depot nursery for some new pots and herbs!
TOP L to R: Oregano that I dug up from last year's failed garden attempt (I was out in the yard a few days ago and saw oregano growing where I'd planted the seends LAST YEAR! What a nice surprise!), Basil (thought I had a bigger pot for them... have to go back to the store... darn), Parsley and Cilantro, and pink Impatients left on my porch by a local church as their Easter service advertisement.
BOTTOM: Rosemary, Azalea cuttings, and fake purple flower sprigs leftover from my wedding long ago. lol.

Happy Sunday!

*All photographs are property of Kristin Rae and may not be used or duplicated without written permission.


  1. Yes, the azalea festivals are all over NC this month!

    And I would love to have a little window setup like that.

  2. ooh pretty azaleas!
    I can never grow anything. My family doesn't have the strongest of green thumbs :-/

  3. Gorgeous! I caught of whiff of their pollen from here, lol! I planted rose bushes last week and I'm still paying for it. Hopefully, it will be worth it. Especially if they turn out as pretty as your azeleas!

  4. Beautiful color!

    I just planted cilantro and basil in a pot on my sun porch. Crossing fingers on this because I do not have a green thumb.