Saturday, May 8, 2010

Giveaway Reminder, and Other Things

Here is a reminder that my now 202+ Follower Giveaway ends TOMORROW!  Up for grabs is a signed copy of our blogging friend Kristi Chestnutt's The Wolf Within!

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And speaking of sidebars!!  If you haven't checked out my Etsy store yet, please do!  I only have three photographs listed at the moment, but I've got more coming in from the lab on Monday, so by mid next week I should have more!  Thanks for the feedback I've gotten so far.  Even though I still haven't gotten any bites yet, I still feel excited about this venture.  I'm still learning how to promote the store, so if any of you have Etsy stores, please share what you do to promote yours :)

I've started a MAJOR health kick again, this time, it's going to stick.  I can feel it.  I've stopped buying dairy. That's right.  No milk in the house, no cheese... It's hard, but I figure if I don't eat it at home (and that's mostly where I eat), I will be cutting back dramatically.  Of course, I will still allow myself the occasional pizza and frozen yogurt treat (because it's freaking hot outside... I live in TEXAS for crying out loud), but that's about it.  I plan to try this for at least a month and see how it does.  This isn't for allergy reasons, this is for weight loss reasons.  I drink a LOT of skim milk... and the commercials say it helps weight loss... well, apparently I have one of those bodies that didn't take that claim seriously.  It LAUGHS at those commercials and says, "Oh yeah?!  Well watch THIS!" and poof, lets tack a muffin onto her hips! 

Anyway, I know you've all seen me declare a health kick several times this year alone, but this one will stick I tell you.  It MUST.  (And we thank you for your patience).

Happy Saturday!!!


  1. No dairy! I eat cheese and ice cream every day, I think I would curl in a ball and cry!

    You are a strong one :)

  2. Doing something active every day also helps, even a short walk or a yoga tape. Good luck on the health kick. I'm trying to eat more fruits & veggies, and I signed up for a bike tour, 35 miles in June.

  3. Milk... YUCK!! I'm not a big cheese eater either, but the no ice cream would probably kill me. LOL. :)

  4. Eva - lucky you getting to eat ice cream every day!! That would tack right on my rear. :(

    Mary - I've been walking outside the past few days, and today I plan to bike ride for a bit (though it looks like it may rain). How cool you are doing a bike tour!!

    Kim - I really don't eat that much ice cream anyway. I'm a label reader, so labels on ice cream make me cringe. I do like the Skinny Cow product line, and those are very low in calories, and still taste good! I also love frozen yogurt from TCBY! :) Blue Bell will always be my favorite... but I have to reserve those calories/fat for special occasions only! LOL.

  5. Yay for fabulous giveaways! I'm really hoping you pull my number! If not I plan on picking up a copy nonetheless!!

    I love your little etsy shop!! It's awesome!

    Good luck with your health kick! I'm about to start mine as well when the hubby starts regular hours! Perfect start for summer time!

  6. No dairy... I think I'd cry without ice cream!

  7. No dairy...huh? I could probably go without the milk...but I love my cheese. But whichever path you choose to follow...I'm behind you! You got this!! :)

  8. You should check out SParkPeople..After my son was born I lost 50+ lbs

  9. I have heard of Spark People before... but it's been ages. I will check it out!! Thanks!