Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Is There a Sign on My Forehead?

Maybe some little sprite affixed a sign to my forehead that says "I'm already down. Please make me feel worse about myself."

Who on EARTH asks you to your face if you are pregnant?  WHO does that?!  Within the past year, I've had two people say something to me.  The one last year was flat out "Are you pregnant?" to which I, no doubt looking horrified, answered, "No way."  Then she tried to cover her rear by saying I just had that "glow."  Really?  You ever heard of the sun?  And from the time I had met her to when she asked me, I had maybe gained 5 pounds over the course of a year... (the first year of my cubicle job... mmhmm)
Then yesterday this other lady, ALREADY turning red before she even speaks, says, "Did I overhear you saying you were buying paternity clothes?"  Okay, first of all, what are "paternity clothes"?  And second, if she means clothes for a baby boy, how the HECK does she think I look pregnant enough to even know what I'm having. And third, I was NOT talking about any sort of clothes regarding said mythical unborn child. 
I almost had a meltdown.  Hubs, as well as several friends, have reassured me that I in no way look pregnant and those people are off their nut.  Nice try, but the damage has been done. 

It's not only dangerous from a "you could be completely offending their self-image" standpoint, but they have no clue what I have or haven't been through.  My best friend had a miscarriage last year, and several days later, a friend had emailed her to catch up and asked comedically casually "So, are you pregnant yet?"  Bad move.  This sent her spinning deeper into mourning and she couldn't talk to that friend for a while.  It was a relatively innocent question, but you never know, and you should be careful about potentially sensitive subjects like that.

All that being said, I was angry that I already had plans last night and they did not involve working out.  But TODAY!  That will be a much better story.  I will channel this negative energy from misunderstandings by way of idiocy (that's a little harsh... but deserved at the moment) into the second wind of my health kick, and I shall adopt my strategies I planned to introduce in June, effective immediately.  These being no candy and a dramatic cut-back in wheat products (In addition to the continuity of May's strategies: limited dairy and no eating after 7:30pm which have both actually been going quite well). 

There were a lot of health related New Year's resolutions out there this year.  How are y'all coming on those?  I pretty much weigh the same as I did January 1, unfortunately. But hey, at least the scale isn't going the other way.  And we still have over half a year left!!! 


  1. Ugh! I've been on both ends of the "are you preggers?" question. I'm not sure which time I felt worse, when someone mistook me for expecting or when I said to a stranger, "So, when are you due?" I remember not being able to utter any other words around the foot in my pie hole. Yeah. Anyone who makes that mistake only makes it once in her life. Lesson learned!

    But hey, if that horrible experience has sharpened your focus on health goals, I say you come out ahead in the game. I, unfortunately, have slipped off the exercise train. Luckily, I don't struggle so much with food issues, so my weight stays the same. I've just gone from "firm and fit" to "a skinny fat girl." LOL

    Chin up, Kristin! You're a gorgeous girl, inside and out!

    ((hugs)) Nicole

  2. :shrug: Sometimes people can be stupid. Try not to let their ignorance get to you. (Easier said than done, I know.)

    I had some health goals at the beginning of the year, and I did pretty good for a while. Then I slacked off. At one point I was down ten pounds, but I gained back three. Time to jump start the goals again and see if I can't have a thinner, more productive summer.

  3. Ugh people are so rude and stupid! There was a woman in my office who is very thin and she started to look pregnant, and I specifically DIDN'T SAY ANYTHING until she decided to tell me.

    My scale is the same as it was in January too, but ah well. My biggest resolution was to save money for things I want instead of putting them on a credit card. So far, so good :)

  4. Oh no!! You poor thing! Don't worry, people are just ignorant sometimes.

    I had more than a few people ask me if I was having twins while I was preggers because I was so huge. Yeah, that really helped my already-crazy-hormone-induced state!!!

    I definitely say take this horrible experience and use it to your advantage. :-) As for me, my weight loss goals for the year are just going so-so. I'm a few pounds down, but nowhere near where I wanted to be...thank goodness we have half a year left!

  5. Kristin, I'm back. This issue is something I deal with, too. We are too hung up on shape and size and what looks "perfect." It is damaging to all girls/women. What you need to ask yourself is, How is your overall health? I'm far from the perfect weight or body shape, but I exercise regularly. I don't smoke. I rarely drink alcohol. I eat my oatmeal faithfully. My cholesterol, blood pressure, and other vitals are excellent. I'm going in for my mammo next week. I'm taking care of myself. I am more than my body shape, and my belly fat isn't the only thing that measures my beauty or fitness. Play on!

  6. I think my first comment didn't go through, might have missed the word verif. I have been asked several times if I'm pregnant. I had twins, 10 years ago, got really stretched out, so any extra fat goes right to my belly. It's our body shape, my upper body looks fit. My legs are in great shape from weight training class and biking, but that darn belly fat won't go away even though I exercise regularly. Believe in your inner beauty. That doesn't change no matter what your age or your pants size.

  7. ugh no thanks. I've never been on either end of that question but i did have a friend ask a co-worker when she was due.
    he learned his lesson

  8. That's such an uncomfortable question. Actually, I have very strong opinions on strangers and pregnancy/babies, but I won't go into that. :-)

    I don't know if you remember, but I was doing the 30 Day Shred a while back; I wanted to say that the 1st level is pretty tough on the knees, but the 2nd and 3rd levels have some phenomenal ab workouts. If you have Netflix or something, it might be worth checking out, just to jazz up your daily routine.

  9. Twinie! I love this post because I can so relate. After I had Hayden I still looked pregnant and I had a few women in public ask me when I was due. I got the pleasure of informing them I had just delivered. *sigh* Nothing was more of a blow to the ego then not being able to find pants that fit for four months and having people ask me that. But I began Weight Watchers in January and I am down 28 pounds. No joke, I weigh less now than I did in college. It's crazy. And more than that I feel great. I love the healthy feeling!!

    You on the other hand, are GORGEOUS and I can't imagine you needing to loose weight. Would you like to trade bodies for a day???? I would appreciate it!! (c: Let's get together in June when I come down!!!

  10. I agree with the masses. You're a beautiful girl, don't let the stupid foot-in-mouth folks get you down.

  11. Nicole - I feel a bit like a "skinny fat girl" too! lol. There is just a softness to my body now that i'm not a fan of, and the mid section is borderline unhealthy. Thanks for the note.

    B.E. - Here's to getting back into it!

    Kristi - yes... thank goodness!

    Mary - you are very wise! Thank you :)

    Falen - i'm sure anyone who asks that once learns their lesson... hopefully anyway.

    Summer - I do remember you telling me that. I'm glad to hear it's a good workout. I just added it to my netflix list! Thanks! (i will definitely stay away from the knee-intensive sections)

    Twinie!! - that's awesome weight watchers has worked so good for you!!! I loved the pictures on your save the date, by the way! You two are adorable!!

    Karen - you are so sweet :) thanks.

  12. I made a rule - never ask!!! Ever!

    Listen to your hubby - those people are nuts.

  13. *hugs* I'm sorry for their insensitivity and stupidity. Don't listen to them. You're beautiful, and really, sometimes, people are just really senseless!

  14. When in doubt (about anything)...keep your mouth shut! That's my philosophy. Some people would do well to follow that rule.

    Like you said, use this to fuel your regiment. But the real you doesn't need to lose a thing!

  15. Wow who asks that???? I don't unless they tell me they're pregnant then I'll talk to them about it. Crazy!

    Speaking of health kicks, I should really consider going on one.

  16. I pretty much never ask unless I know that the person is (pregnant)even when it looks obvious. When I was pregnant with twins I looked damn fat and some people thought that I was just gaining weight! The asking of that question is about as graceful as asking if boy/girl twins are identical.