Thursday, May 27, 2010

Not another funk...

I feel like I'm letting all my blogging buddies down.  I have been soooo slacking on blog reading, commenting, posting, writing....  I'm seriously missing all of you, but I'm having issues prioritizing at the moment. I'm very behind in critiques for one of my groups (I apologize again, fair ladies), I keep having to pay late fees on my library books... hubs has said several times this past week that he doesn't understand what kind of mood I'm in (I'm sorry...)... I don't understand it either. 

I know lately I've been extremely distressed about body image (as you all know from the previous post), and trying on bathing suits (I'm determined to swim laps several days a week this summer) today was mortifying... yet I managed to supress a melt-down.  I also wonder if the foods I've stopped eating have anything to do with it...  Can avoiding foods you're used to eating make you cranky??  I mean, yes I'm avoiding dairy, but I am taking a calcium supplement for that... and I make sure to eat fresh fruits and veggies every day, and plenty of protein... so I don't know if I'm still missing something (is there a "happy" vitamin?), or if my subconscious is just really mad that I'm not eating cheese or sweets....  haha.

I've decided to ease back into skim milk again.  I miss it so much... and I think a healthy-ish cereal is a better choice over the pastries I've been reaching for... I just don't feel like making eggs (or eating them) between 6-7 am.... makes me want to GAG! 

Anyway, this was just a rant.  You've all been so encouraging to me, I don't want you for a second to think I'm reaching out for even more.  I just wanted to put the disclaimer out there, that I'm in yet another funk, and I've been MIA on your blogs.... I apologize, and I will try to make amends ASAP.

On a happier note, I'm getting great responses to the first section of my YA WIP, Anemone! That should perk me up to keep going at it... right?


  1. Bananas are mood boosting foods. Also, blueberries, salmon, and various nuts. Skim milk is very good for you. A woman should not cut out dairy. I've read that a breakfast of (real) oatmeal, blueberries and skim milk reduces cholesterol, boosts your mood, and helps burn fat. Guess what I usually eat for breakfast? Exercise improves your body image. Not as much because it tones you, but because it boosts your mood and gives you a mental lift. You don't have to do anything wild and crazy. Take a walk. Better yet, take a walk with a friend or your husband. Keep reaching out. I have been in this same funk.

  2. Thanks for the info Mary. :) I have been trying to do something active every day.. yesterday I did pilates and some free weights, and I intended on a walk this evening, but daylight was gone before I knew it. We are also renewing our pool pass this weekend (the closest pool is only a few minutes by bike), so I'm excited to start doing laps and water aerobics!
    This "real" oatmeal you speak of... how do you tolerate the flavor (or should I say, lack of)? How do you cook it? Just oats, blueberries, and milk??

  3. Great responses to my WIP are always a mood booster for me! You'll find the right food combination to fit your needs and be back to normal soon enough. No doubt!

  4. Be careful that you are eating enough...That may sound silly, but I was eating less and less because my doctor told me to. I was actually gaining weight, losing hair and having issues with my skin. I went to a female doctor and had to increase my calories from 800 to 1400 a day and take a vitamin. I finally am heading the right direction on my weight.


  5. I think it can affect you, even if you switch to a healthier diet. And 8th Continent's vanilla soy milk is the best!

  6. DL - You always rock, sir :)

    Sharon - Good advice. I try to aim for around 1500 cals a day, and make sure I'm at least always over 1200.

    L. Diane Wolfe - ehhhh. I've tried soy milk many a time... but I really really dislike it. It has been about 5 or 6 years though since the last try, so maybe they've changed the recipe???? lol.

    I want to eat healthy... but I also want to enjoy what I'm putting in my mouth. haha.

  7. Vitamin D can be a mood booster.
    Sit out in the sun for 10 minutes, that should help.
    And funk's always pass, so try not to worry about it too much

  8. When my hubby and I did our detox cleanse, the guide I was following said that you can expect to have some emotional response to cutting out food you love (particularly carbs and sugar!!) You'll eventually overcome it, and then you'll feel so good that you'll wonder why you ever missed it.

    I only go swimsuit shopping once every few years, as I rarely go to a body of water. :-) I find one that I like, then wear it out.

    And ditto what Falen said: our bodies need sun to feel good.

  9. Oh man, I get cranky as a bear if I don't get to eat cheese! Another thing that might be an issue is making sure you're getting enough iron; a lot of women aren't, and it definitely can make you feel tired and sad.

    Good luck and feel better! Sometimes I go into these funks too; for me it's usually because I'm not getting enough sleep.

  10. I still like my "treats" so I've been increasing my workout schedule. And spin classes are making a huge difference.

    Land's End has some very flattering swim suits (even the two piecers) and they're cute, too.

  11. Don't worry about being MIA. Sometimes taking time out is good. Besides, I go through funks all the time too.
    I was always told when you eat less you retain weight because your body goes into preservation mode, and slows down your metabolism.
    I eat a really good breakfast (usually cereal, fruit and dairy), a big lunch and a smaller dinner (with lots of veggies/salad). I find that works for me.
    I have treats too. Life is too short to not eat chocolate. :)

  12. Oy. Trying on swimsuits isn't good for Anyone, so I'm glad you found some cute ones!

    I recommend Vitamin B It's a great energy booster, and when I'm energetic, I know I feel happier :D You can get good boosts from Emergen-C drinks, even better than coffee (gasp).