Thursday, June 24, 2010


I don't know the last time I was actually bored... but I feel like I've been boring y'all with my posts lately (though some of you have been exceptionally sweet, and I thank you for the grins).  I haven't been offering a whole lot of good writerliness as of late, and I hope to remedy that in the nearish future.  I'm going to unplug from this blog, for possibly a week.  I'm not going to get into detail, but there are some stresses (one in particular) weighing heavy on my mind these days and I found out today it's influencing my blood pressure.  (according to the eye doctor looking at my retinal scan [which was SO COOL!] - he said my blood vessels were larger than they should be, and asked if I was under stress.  Ha.  Let me tell you about my STRESS, I said.)

So I'm cutting back on a few things, to focus on some others and try somehow to calm down and relax.  You know what's funny... is that I'm usually not the one to get stressed about stuff.  If I do, it's temporary, like, a couple hours before something has to get done... but not prolonged like this.  And I feel like over the past several months, I've blogged about being under stress on multiple occasions.  The past couple of weeks, this has magnified, and apparently my body is now telling me to chill out. 

I may be able to share more with y'all next week when the $#@! hits the fan (don't worry, no one is sick or anything). 

As always, thanks for following.  Be back soon.


  1. Good luck! if you need to talk i am definitely here! :) i totally know what you mean about not normally being the one to stress out! So hope it cools down for you!

  2. I hope all turns out well. Get some rest and relaxation.
    Winged Writer

  3. We all need a little time off now and then to sort our lives out. Blogging - and other Internet activities - can be a real time hog and distract us from what's really important. Hope you get everything de-stressified!

  4. I'm not bored...but I totally understand the need to step back and take a deep breath. Recharge your batteries and come back when you feel like it. I'm not going anywhere. :)