Monday, June 21, 2010

Let's Talk About Stress, Ba-by

Wowza was this weekend HOT.  Literally, 100+ degrees in Dallas.

I shot my first wedding, officially.  My first, and likely my last.  I think if I hadn't sort of inherited the role of wedding coodinator as well as photographer, it wouldn't have been quite so stressful.  But no one there knew what was going on half the time.  I kept having to bother the bride to say, are you cutting a cake?  Do you plan on dancing at all?  Will there be music?  The poor girl was so stressed out, she had at least two melt downs (the bride, not me, although I wasn't far behind).  The ceremony started half an hour late, she never got bridal portraits so we had to try to sneak those in, her computer was lost with all the music on it, one of the flower girl's dresses was MIA for a while.... I mean, think of something that could go wrong and it probably did.  There were shots we wanted to do but never got to... I've had nightmares two nights in a row about that wedding. hahaha.

And I hauled my massive camera around with a speedlight on top for 5 hours and my hand went numb (my middle finger that took most of the weight is STILL numb like I got a shot of novacaine) and it traveled halfway up my arm.  Not a good feeling.

I still have SO much learning to do before taking another wedding gig that's not part of the FFP (free & family package).  I mean, outdoor portraits are one thing... and I feel decently confident in those... but being THE wedding photographer........ I need MUCH more confidence/training before I do that again.

BUT, Amy did look beautiful in her vintage dress!  And it's OVER!  AND I will be sharing my favorite photos soon!  Hopefully tomorrow if I can get my internet to cooperate!

UPDATE** wedding photos are UP!!

Happy Monday!



  1. Oh can't wait to see photos!!! Keep on taking pictures!! You rock! xo

  2. I can't wait to see the photos! I think it's great that you got out there and took the plunge, it's good to get your feet wet and try it out, especially with friends & family!

    I'll say this much, the more things that go wrong in the wedding the longer it will last. I don't know if you believe it but it makes all brides feel great! I didn't have too many things go wrong, but as a bride you aren't supposed to know all the bad things!

  3. Oh, man, what a tough day. Sounds like things weren't well planned and no one else was helping the bride. Try it again, but have some things already discussed.

  4. Well though it sounded that things were a bit out of plans.It's always tough for brides when it comes to marriage,regardless of culture or country.Well,now you got a valuable experience.You will be able to plan things better next time.All the best.

  5. How fantastic!! I definitely feel like i have QUITE a bit to learn as well & i haven't even photographed a wedding yet lol. Good luck with your future endeavors!