Tuesday, June 1, 2010

May in Review... Hello June!

I feel like I JUST wrote one of these posts.  May has FLOWN by.  We went to yet another wedding (our wedding streak started in October... then one in December, January, March [in Jamaica!], April, May [just this past Friday], and we have one in June - Oh.. and October.  Between all those and the plethora of baby showers I've been to in the past 12 months [4] and wedding showers [2], I'm really surprised we are making mortgage payments. lol), we had house guests in our new guest room, I opened a store on Etsy to sell my travel photos and paintings (check the sidebar!), went to Disney World/Universal Studios in Orlando, I wrote maybe a couple of pages of my WIP, I won a B&N gift card in DL's 300 celebration, and I didn't lose any weight.

I read three books, which is the same number as in April, though 10 pages less, even though TWO of the books had 336 pages each... how FREAKY is that?!

May Books:

Wondrous Strange by Lesley Livingston (my first Faerie read) *4/5
Beastly by Alex Flinn *4/5
Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins *5/5

Words read in May: 976
YTD: 6716

 How was your May?  Read any good books?  See any good movies (IRON MAN 2 ROCKS MY FACE OFF!)?


  1. HEX HALL is definitely on my to-read list. It sounds really awesome.

    I've just read MISTWOOD by Leah Cypess, and thought it was awesome. :)

  2. HEX HALL was a fantastic read! My books for June are Eat, Pray, Love... The forest of Hands and Teeth & Dead Tossed Waves. The month of May went by way to quickly for me!

    Looks like you'll be busy as a bee for the remainder of the year! Not to mention you've already been to a boat load! You're on a role girl!

  3. Sandy - I'll have to look into that. :)

    Jen - I JUST started reading The Forest of Hands and Teeth! Literally.. like, I'm on page 10. lol. A girl at work and I are reading it at the same time so we can talk about it. I guess Dead-tossed Waves will have to come next then, won't it? :)

  4. How do you manage to fit all that in? I'm jealous. Now I feel like I had a very lazy May :)

  5. Okay, so what did you think about Beastly? I was thinking about buying it the other day, you know, since it is going to be a movie but bought The Forrest of Hands and Teeth instead. I must know if I should order it now?! LOL

    You are one busy girl!

  6. Eva - you finished the first draft of Wicked in May... I'd hardly call that lazy!!

    Kim - I really liked Beastly. It was only like, $6 at borders for the paperback, but I'm sure the library has it. wink wink. ;)

  7. Just came across your blog, and the first thing I noticed?

    Disney pictures!

    I just got back from there myself last week and am missing it already :(.

    p.s. I heard the Harry Potter theme park had a soft opening today...

  8. I LOVED Hex Hall and am waiting impatiently for book 2. :)

  9. Are you a Wedding Planner or something??! I mean...seriously!

    And I know what you mean...MAY was a blur!!

  10. My boys liked Iron Man 2. I read The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime. Loved it! I didn't lose any weight either, AND I exercise 3-4 days a week. Bah! Happy shopping for all those gifts!

  11. saw A LOT of movie - gave thumbs up to Kick Ass, Iron Man 2, and Prince of Persia

  12. Wow! That's a whole lot of weddings!

  13. Chris Evans told me he was terribly angry with you for saying you've never heard of him, so he asked me to send you a picture of his as a punishment for your sinful ways :)


  14. May definitely went by REALLY fast... i can't believe that it is already gone... its seems like just yesterday i was in Hawaii with the baby! lol

  15. These are books that I either own or are on my wish list. I'm glad that they are receiving high marks.

  16. Yes you are Tintin!! :) Hope to see you when you're in town!!