Thursday, July 1, 2010

Can this week get any worse?

That's probably a bit dangerous to even ask... because the answer is "well YEAH, stupid!"  I went to the dentist this morning... who loves THAT?  :::crickets:::

The bad: I have 2 little surface cavities.  They are fixing them TOMORROW.

The good:  The ladies that worked there (I'd never been before) were BEYOND NICE!  And after I felt like the X-Ray square thingie sliced my mouth open under my tongue (is it just my mouth, or are those things abnormally large??  I even said afterward that I felt like I'd just chewed on a handful of staples) and I broke down crying (not from the pain, honestly... it just set me off--I've been a ticking time bomb ALL week), the hygienist was giving me tissues and giving me a pep talk about how there's just something better waiting for me around the corner.  That's when I mentioned how I was trying to start my own portrait photography biz, and wow did she get enthusiastic!  And she wants me to take pictures of her and her hubs with their dogs! I've been hearing that pet photography is a good market, but she REALLY solidified that idea for me.

That just goes to show you two things... you never know when and where a new client will present themself.  And... not everyone that works in the dentist office is made of evil. ;)

Posted a few pet pics on my photography blog in honor of the one good thing that came out of today.  Enjoy this teaser here of my baby girl, Mylie :)


  1. *hugs* I'm sorry about the cavities, Kristin! Good luck tomorrow!

    But I'm glad about the hygienist! :)

  2. She's so beautiful! I love boxers. :-)
    I'm having a rough week too. Maybe it's the tides or the moon phases...something like that...

    Hope things turn around for you soon!

  3. Sorry about the cavities. I feel your pain, I have a dentist checkup next week. :/

    And I also feel your pain about things just heaping themselves on, and not in a good way. In the past two weeks, my life has been: car accident (everyone is fine but mega repairs), daughter with pneumonia, finishing the school year, moving to a new classroom, my credit card number got stolen, had to freeze my credit since the person has since opened a new credit card in my name, police sting set up in front of my house today to catch the guy/girl (they didn't... yet), my 3 yr old's preschool teacher calling her "Scarface" and thinking it was funny, and my best friend moved out of state... oh man. Writing it all down in the same place is depressing, lol.

    Life gets like this sometimes but it can't stay like this forever. Hang in there. I will, too!

  4. As you know I had my share of fun/torture with the dentist this week too. I'm just glad they were nice to you.

    I'm convinced your week will get better. Sending you happy vibes right now.

  5. That's an awesome pic, Kristin. Sometimes pets are the hardest to get really good pictures of. (I know my cat's pics are hit or miss.) I'm sure you'll get plenty of work.

  6. Awww, Mylie is adorable! Beautiful picture!

    I hate the dentist, too. Well, not him/her personally. Just the idea of dentistry. That's why I brush and floss like a maniac. Then during regular checkups I am in and out of that chair super fast!

  7. I'm sorry you've been having such a bad time of things lately. :( I know that nothing I (a complete stranger) might say would make you feel better, so just know that other people are thinking of you. I looked at the other pictures you posted and I think they're great! If I had a dog, or if I lived in Texas, then I would totally hire you :) Feel better.

  8. Kristin, I'm all misty eyed from reading your blog. Isn't that amazing! There you are at the dentist office, where it's gross and uncomfortable, and you're a mess, and it turns out to be a good thing because you find encouragement AND a job. I was just thinking that this is your push to do what you love. Here's a link to a blog friend from my area. She went to school to be a nurse, realized it wasn't her true calling, and is building her business as a photographer.


  9. That picture looks just like my first dog! Peggy. *sigh*

    Hang in there darling...the tide will turn!!


  10. Thanks y'all. :) And thanks for the link, Mary. She's good! I love getting inspiration from others who do what I want to do :)

    And I think this is fast becoming one of my favorite pictures of Mylie. She's so good... she poses for me, no questions asked. Just sits where I tell her :)

  11. When things are down, they will go up.

    You take lovely photos.