Saturday, July 24, 2010

Losing my cool...

Well, it seems I've hit that dreaded point in the blogging world.  I'm no longer gaining followers--this week I've already lost two of them.  And I get it... Blogger only lets you follow so many before they tell you to start unfollowing if you want to add new ones.  But it makes me wonder, what was I doing before that I'm not doing now?  Lately I've been averaging 8 comments (and at least 1 of those is usually mine), while some blogs I follow average around 50!

How do you establish yourself as a reputable blogger? Maybe I complain too much about being in a funk and it was bringing people down?  Maybe I talk to much about getting my photography business going and not enought about writing?  Maybe I lurk around too many of your blogs without commenting and you think I've forgotten about you?  (Maybe I have a lot of lurkers?)

Sigh.  I think that until I figure out what kind of posts I should be doing that I'm not, I will finally participate in what many of you have already done.  A sort of... getting to know you type of event.

I'll do a big post of it on Monday when people actually look at their blogs, but for those few of you braving it over the weekend, what sort of questions do you have for me?  Questions pertaining to the way I tackle writing? Something about me that I haven't shared that you're curious about?  Favorite ice cream flavor?  You get the idea.

Perhaps if I get enough I can drag it out for a while :)


  1. Oh it's always discouraging to lose followers, but I think your blog is great :) I have noticed with mine that the less I comment and post the fewer comments and followers I get. I'm sure you've realized this too :)

    Let's see what to ask you, how long have you been writing? And how do you stay motivated?

    Have a great weekend!

  2. My experience has shown me that there is an ebb & flow to gaining followers. Sometimes they come in spurts and other times I can go weeks without adding a new follower. I try to focus mostly on the interaction...the number of comments my posts are receiving. When something you write strikes a chord with your readers, try and duplicate it and stay in that same vein. about a couple questions?

    1) When was the first time somebody made a fuss over something you had written.

    2) Which position do you prefer? Writing at a desk or splayed out somewhere with a laptop? :)

  3. I must admit, I'm a lurker. So I'm going to get off my butt...or get on my butt and comment. I know how you feel about losing followers. As I just recently discovered, it could be for any reason. You may not be doing anything wrong. I've also found that when I stumble upon a new blog and I follow, they follow me--I'm sure that's old news to you-lol. So if you haven't been finding any new blogs to follow, that could be why you haven't had any new followers.

    As for a question, I'm always curious to know how old a person was when they started writing and when did they know writing was IT for them?

  4. people who have 30,40 or 50 comments under each post, aren't the ones with interesting blog content, but usually the ones who visit everyone's blogs and leaving dozens of comments each day. When you give love you get love back :)

    I usually have around 15 to 20 comments, but that's because I have a certain number of friends whose blogs I visited and I won't comment on other blogs just to get their comments on mine too. Somebody said that we could call that kind of behavior a blog-whoring :)

    What's even more important is that people shouldn't pay that much attention to the number of comments and followers but to the number of page visits - that's the true mark of how popular you are or not. That's why everyone should install a visit counter.

  5. Blogger only allows you to follow a certain amount of people?? I've never ran into this problem... Perhaps I should start following more people? And I agree with DL Hammons. His words are wise.

  6. I must admit...{Guilty face}...I'm one of those two that stopped following. But you are still in my Google Reader. :)I think it's hard for me because I have so many blogs I follow, and mostly I like to get in on conversations about writing stuff. So when I'm going through my Reader I skip over stuff that doesn't look like it pertains to writing. Anyway, it's not you, it's me. :) I just only have so much time!

  7. The loss of followers is definitely discouraging - I've lost a few myself. But it's really no big deal. I think the way I've gotten the most was through blogfests. There's always people who sign up that you've never visited their site before. Plus, it's really fun. You should definitely do one of those! And for what it's worth, I love your blog. :)

  8. I'm a lurker.

    I don't comment a lot on people's posts, due to time constraints, but try and read most of what people put out.

    I lost a follower this week too. I'm okay about it. No point people following me if they don't enjoy my blog.

    And I have not produced much that is good over the last month or two, due to starting a new job and ill health.

    Hopefully the next month or so will be more feast than famine, for both of us xx

  9. Really? Blogger only lets you follow so many people? That blows!

    I don’t know about comments but last week I had a boatload of issues trying to leave comments, including crashing my browser.

    I do luck too because not everything can be comment on but I try to comment on the blogs I follow at least once every 3 weeks usually weekly.

    Questions? I always want to hear about the writing process. Do you write daily or in spurts and take days off? Do you follow a regime? Do you snack while you eat? How do you ignore everything else that nagging you like this needs to get done or that had to be picked up by 3? AND yes what is your favorite ice cream.

    I read Karen’s post. I don’t use Google reader. I created a blog of blogs with sections to allow me to categorize my blogs. They post with the most current bloggers post on top with post title and the first few lines. It’s great. I keep my wordpress people (all the blogs not on blogger actually) on there I can’t blogger follower. I use the blog roll gadget and add away.

  10. Here's one more question. How do you do an author interview?

  11. Crystal: Thanks :)

    DL: Yes, you are very wise!

    Karen: I'm quite the lurker too... I think there are a lot of us out there. I definitely shouldn't be looking at comment # so much.

    Dezz: You make great points here. :) Thanks. I definitely don't want to stoop to being a blog-whore!!

    Valerie: Blogger yells at me that I'm over 300...

    Karen: I guess I have some things to learn about the Reader vs Following... I'll look into it.

    KM: It really isn't that big of a deal, you're right. But I do want to have a blog people enjoy. I have my regulars, so I'm cool with that :)

    Star Child: I hope your health is improving.

    Holly: I have trouble leaving comments sometimes too. Blogger crashes my browser a lot. Sometimes I catch up on my blog reading at work, but I can't always comment when I'm there because of the networked computers, then I'll forget to go back and comment when I get home. :(

  12. I've lost one this week, too. Maybe it's the same one and they cancelled their account. That's what I'll believe:)

    I love your blog! I've been feeling the same thing though, that maybe I complain about writing too much instead of writing encouraging things. I have noticed I get more comments on writing-related blogs and some of the sillier When I Was Little blogs I do.

  13. There are only so many pieces of advice a writer wants to read. I like reading a variety of things. Keep Blogging!

  14. I used to worry about getting new followers and comments, but now, I've found it easier to just not worry about it. It's a lot less stressful. And I agree with DL: my new followers come in spurts too.

    Just keep blogging and you'll be fine!

  15. I just found your blog through one click or another, since we share many of the same blog friends, and I'm going to follow you now, just because of this post. I often wonder the same things, ("Am I doing something wrong? Do people not like my posts?") so I'm glad someone can relate. :)

  16. *Well, not JUST because of this post, since the rest of your blog looks pretty neat, but this post helped. You seem really down to earth. Nice to meet you! And sorry for commenting twice.

  17. Followers come and go, always write your blog for you and always you because that is what is most important. There was a time when the number of comments consumed me, but I came to realize it didn't really matter as long as one person got something from what I'd posted. You have a great blog, don't give in to the temptation of giving up.

    As for questions... If you knew you had only one day left to live, what would you do?

  18. Sorry you lost two followers, but the ones you have (me at least!) appreciate all the work you put into your blog. I just realized that I have read, or want to read pretty much all of the books you have on your already read list! Can't wait to get to all the reviews of them! Keep your head up and keep on bloggin!