Thursday, July 22, 2010

What About the Weather?

So... the weather has been positively dreadful.  Dark, talkative, drizzly.  Now, don't get me wrong, I love a good storm!  But a constant cloud cover paired with wet heat and mosquitos, not a fan.  

Does bad weather suck you dry and make you want to do nothing but laze around and watch black and white movies?  Does a good storm inspire you to write a scary scene? 

My favorite time of year: Autumn.  Here in Houston, the leaves don't change too much, but they do fall all around you, and the weather gets that little bite to it that makes you walk a bit quicker.  I've found myself daydreaming about the perfect Autumn day lately--that's when I feel the most inspired.  To write music, to write stories, to bake, to spend every possible minute outside.  Despite the fact that I have yet to obtain that golden summer tan, I'm anxious for Autumn!

What does weather do for your mood?


  1. I do agree it has been EXTREMELY dreadful!! Although sometimes the thunder excites me, lol

  2. I love Autumn! The leaves changing colors and falling is beautiful.

  3. Autumn is my fav; Too humid for me, here in the south. I am from New England! I look forward to enjoying riding my bike in the cooler air and
    be able to breath~

    July's steamy thundershowers, make me droop n' wilt~

    Fun post; Thanks for the Autumn thoughts~

  4. the weather totes affects my moods. And i'm with you, give me autumn, please. it's totes the best season

  5. oh, don't mention weather to me. It's been 104F degrees today here in my city (believe it or not), and I'm a winter person, so I feel like I'm burning in hell :)

    One of the biggest wishes of my life is to experience Autumn or Snowy Christmas in USA. Sometimes I think that Americans don't appreciate the magical beauty of those seasons in their country.

  6. If it's not sunny out, something in me just doesn't start in the morning. I feel listless. I require the sun to feel awake :)

    I agree with you on autumn--it's the best time of the year!

  7. That picture lifts my heart because fall is my favorite time of the year. *sigh*

  8. Dezz - It doesn't snow much down this far South of Texas either. If/when it ever does, it melts immediately - I still run around in it like a school girl though. Really, Texas has two season... hot, and hotter. ;)

    DL - My mom took that picture a couple years ago when she was up in Illinois visiting family. She wanted to show me what real Autumn looks like. I hope to see it myself one day.

  9. maybe we should sell everything and move to Boston where Autumn and Winter bring magic :)
    My own Vojvodina is similar to your Texas when it comes to summers - ultra hot and dry, but we do have snowy winters although not as cold and snowy as in Colorado or Canada :)

  10. I love Fall! It's my favorite time of year. If you want to see leaves that change color, feel free to come to my house. The tree out front is beautiful in the fall: green to orange, orange to red, and then red to brown and then on the ground. I hate raking leaves, but they're pretty!