Monday, August 16, 2010

Answers to Your Questions Part 1

A couple of weeks ago, I asked you for your questions--what was it that you, my faithful bloggers, wanted to know about yours truly?  Here is round one of Kristin Creative Q&A!

Q1- Crystal Cook asked, "How long have you been writing and how do you stay motivated?"

A1 - I remember when I was about 10 years old, I was home schooled at that time in life, and I went to my local home school group's activity day.  In one of our classes, we had to write a little story, complete with illustrations (or maybe I just wanted to illustrate it, because at that time, I was going to be an illustrator for Disney, of course).  The woman who was the guest "teacher" for that session pulled me and my mom aside after the class and said that I had potential as a writer.  (A ten year old?  Seriously?)  Come to find out, I'm pretty sure she was an editor for either a newspaper or a publisher or something (hence why she was brought in for our class), and she gave my mom all sorts of information so that I might be encouraged to keep at it.  Well, I was excited about that idea, but all I wanted to do was draw (now I can hardly draw a stick figure, but when I was young and had patience for it, I was much better than I am now).  The week before I graduated college in December of 2005, a story popped into my head and I couldn't stop writing it.  I even snuck in paper to my graduation ceremony (which was LONG--the only part I paid attention to was the speech by Barbara Bush! And yes, I did meet her!) so I could keep my ideas flowing.  Over the next couple of years I got frustrated and put it aside, then I'd work on it some more, put it aside. Then in 2009, something kicked my thoughts into gear and I finished that story (Between the Letters... it's now shelved awaiting some serious revisions or a paranormal twist), and have started two others (Still Loving Ghosts, and Anemone), and have ideas for several more.  My motivation now I guess comes from being inspired.  I read a lot, and often I think, well if they got published, I can do it too! And not even necessarily in a snarky way... I just choose to be encouraged as I read others work, that it's possible... that my stories (my new ones anyway) might actually make it somewhere.  I write because I love it (it's obviously not going to make me rich, so that's not even a thought), and because the stories in my head are itching to get out.  I stay motivated because I dream of seeing my published book on a shelf in Borders one day.  :) 

Ok, that was a really long answer and I don't even want to know how many typos I made. I'll just leave you with that for today!  Be on the lookout for round 2!

Happy Monday (It's raining here--we need it!) 


  1. I'm digging these question posts!!! I've been seeing them a lot around the blogosphere lately and I'm definitely a fan!!!

    Especially the writing stories. What inspired you, how you started, the works!

    Happy Writing :) I hope you are still doing well in photography world :)

  2. I loved this Kristin! What a great answer :) It's so cool to see what inspires people to write. I think you can do it (be published), cuz I'm counting on the same thing.

  3. Great answer! I can't wait to hear the rest of the questions. And I wish it were raining here. :(

  4. How cool to have someone say you have talent. I mean, you were little, but still. Better than nothing, right? lol

  5. I love these little peeks into your psyche!! More please?!