Friday, August 20, 2010

Blogfest Character Reveal!

Sorry for the delay! I had a photo shoot this morning. :)

This was too much fun!  Two of you got it EXACTLY right, like NAMED the person I picture in my head when I write Brighton.  

DL and KM both hit it out of the park naming Ian Somerhalder as my Brighton look-a-like!

The younger version, probably closer in age to Brighton, as he's a freshman in college:

And the version he will be one day.... 

Brighton is H-O-T
He's been to the dark side, and is trying, slowly but surely, to rise above his past.  Now a college freshman, he's a bit unkempt--scruffy faced, grown out hair, deep green eyes with a pattern of lighter diamonds in his irises (there's nothing paranormal about him--my friend seriously has green eyes with little diamond shapes in them... it's amazingly beautiful, so I passed the trait off to Brighton).  Some of you guessed that he was sarcastic--he uses this and humor to keep the focus off of what's really bothering him. An older version of his brother, Brady, he's of medium build, strong, but not the type to wear muscle shirts.



  1. Okay, I was pretty close, and now the pictures are making me flush. They're hot! :D

  2. He is so bloody good-looking! It's so funny because when I write Adam in F&S, he's a cross between Ian Somerhalder and Wentworth Miller :)

  3. Brenda - yes I'm pretty sure I was blushing when I google searched his pictures. I was crossing my fingers that hubs wouldn't walk in and I'd have to explain what I was doing. LOL.

    Oooo that's a nice hybrid Melissa :)

  4. LOLOL Brighton is very hot... great choice!!! I'm very pleased!!!

    Had I realized that this was going to bring out some awesome man candy I would have done this A LOT... A LOT sooner!!!

    Thanks for playing!!! It was so much fun!!

  5. Oooooh I love love LOVE Ian Somerhalder. He is so beautiful. Woo. Sorry I didn't make it in time to guess yesterday!

  6. oh, you're good in picturing some lovely people :))

  7. He's hot! Great. I think he goes well:)

  8. He is totally HOT! Great choice!! I swear i have seen that 2nd photo before! lol

  9. the top picture was quite similar to my mental image! hooray! not AS far off as some of the others! :)