Thursday, August 19, 2010

Blogfest! He looks like what?

So today is the long anticipated "Guess That Character" blogfest, hosted by Jen at Unedited.  I'm showing you a snippet from my newest WIP, Anemone (the flower, not the seaweed), and you try to figure out what my character looks like by the small descriptions and dialogue.  Tomorrow, check back for the big reveal, as I show you the picture of a celebrity I imagine he looks most like as I am writing him.  

In this snippet, we have three characters--Reagan (her POV), Brady, and Brighton. What does Brighton look like to you?

As I approached Brady’s side, the stranger’s eyes darted quickly my direction.  I stopped instantly as our eyes locked.  He wasn’t looking through me.  He was looking right at me.
            He looked back at Brady, eyebrows scrunched.  “Who’s the girl?”  He nodded my way, his hair again covering too much of his face. 
            Brady cleared his throat and his voice came out a little uneasy.  “What girl?”
            “Uh,” he smiled, “let’s start with the one standing right next to you.”  He glanced toward the side of the house.  “I don’t see Mom’s car, and I know Dad’s out of town….  Don’t tell me they went soft and actually let you have a girl in the house when they aren’t home?”
            Brady turned to look at me, his face mirroring my surprise.  “You can see her?”
            He sees me!  A flutter along my shoulders satisfied me like relief—a burden taken away.  It was much easier to believe in my own existence when more than one person acknowledged... my existence.     
            “Brady,” he said in a sour tone.  “I told you, I don’t do that stuff anymore.  Now are you going to introduce me or do we just get to stand here and stare at each other?  Either way, I’m fine with it.  She’s pretty hot.  Impressive, baby brother.”  He took a step forward, feet resting on the threshold. 
            Brady appeared to be tongue tied, but eventually stammered, “Her name’s Reagan.”
            “Well, Reagan, good to meet you.  I’m Brighton.”  He reached a hand out for me to shake, so I did the same.  But we didn’t touch.  His hand passed through me, the sensation of pouring sand again tingling through my fingers. 


  1. I see a younger version of Ian Somerhalder. I'm sure why...I just get this slightly naughty vibe from him. :)

  2. I love the feel of Brighton. Strong, sarcastic, two things that compliment each other! Thanks for sharing this snippet and joining in on the fun!!

    My Guess: Dark brown hair, a little messy but not to long. Fantastic bone structure, very handsome (and he knows it), possible six pack underneath those perfectly fitted shirts he wears. Did I mention he had to be sexy?

    Can't wait to see the big reveal!

  3. Hi,

    Oh, could so sense the disappointment in Reagan.

    Guessing Brighton is tall, blond collar length hair, tanned, broad in shoulder narrow in beam, green eyed hunk, game for a laugh and daring persona.

    I imagined Luke Pasqualino

    (btw- i usually root for the hopeless cause too- except peeta- gotta love peeta)

  5. So enticing, I want to read more! I like that he looked right at her. brilliant. Anyway- oh ya what does Brighten look like? light brown wavy hair a little long for a guys short hair cut...:) Blue eyes, strong, smart, jeans and t-shirt type. Muscular, but not to big

  6. This is so awesome! I picture him as a jock type. Muscular and cocky. With golden brown hair and hazel eyes.

    Very nice!!

  7. I see him as tall, sexy in a studious sort of way, blue eyes, dark hair that falls in his face. He shakes his head to toss it out of his eyes a lot. Great smile.

    Fun snippet!

  8. Oooh, interesting. I imagined him with medium-light brown hair and green eyes.

  9. hmmmm. I was thinking about Reagan, not Brighton. He's tall and athletic, dark hair worn long enough to flop into his face at times and bright eyes...piercing. Blue or green. Nicely tanned and has a smile hot enough to melt an iceberg.

  10. Oooh, I like it, especially the part about the sand-trickling-through-fingers sensation. I think Brighton is a blonde, tanned, muscular, surfy sort of guy, with piercing blue eyes.

  11. I think he's kind of rascally looking. A bit of a five o'clock shadow, tousled dark hair, one eyebrow more arched than the other.

  12. Ooh...interesting! I see him with wavy brown hair, kind of long. Actually, I'm seeing a young Jim Morrison. Definitely nice looking!

  13. OOOH Loved this excerpt! So brighton is tall and slim, but certainly has some muscle. He is the kind of guy that could be in thso Calvin Klein comercials aaah. he has deep blue eyes and sandy hair that he keeps messy but still styled. he is tan and a joy to look at.

    he used to be a little grunge but since College??? maybe he has started to grow into himslef and respects his apprearance a lot more.

  14. COOL premise! I want to read all of this!

    Let's see...Brighton is very Justin Bieber-ish in looks. He's got golden brown hair that shines even when there's no direct light on it. His eyes are chocolate colored with lush lashes. He's tall and lanky, but moves in a way that makes girls want to slow dance with him.

    Fun! Can't wait until tomorrow's reveal!

  15. Ooooh. Nice. Loved this. I'd say Brighton is tall with longish brown hair that's messy in a good way, all flapping in his eyes like that. Speaking of eyes, they're a piercing blue. He has wide shoulders and is very fit. I better stop now ... I'm palpitating.

    Can't wait to meet him tomorrow. Grrrrrrrr. :D

  16. Hmmm, I'm thinking that he is not overly muscular, but not underly, either. He has sapphire blue eyes and auburn, thick hair with a sexy smile and straight teeth. :)

  17. Well, I'm just taking a wild guess here, but I bet she's pale, LOL. I'm thinking blonde hair, ice blue eyes, and a body like Jessica Alba.

  18. I see him as fit with brown-blonde hair and bright blue eyes. I think he prefers comfortable clothes and is slightly taller than average. Loved the excerpt, totally makes me want to read more. :)

  19. Well, he's older than his brother. And he's got hair in his face. I like the comment about him being Ian Somerhaulder. I got a slight Damon-feel to him. :)