Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I'm Your Density! What? Oh.. I mean, Your Destiny

What about destiny?  Anyone believe in it?  Does our idea of our destiny change as our preferences, interests and opinions do?

This past weekend, my mom was my assistant at this photo shoot:

(Thanks, Mom. You really were so much help!)

Anyway... the little boy's  mom asks the dreaded question at this stage in my photography career: "So, Kristin.  How long have you been doing this?"  Gulp.  I can't say two months, can I?  That won't sound too inspiring to someone who just shelled out their hard-earned cash for primo photos, right?
So I start way back, tell her I've been doing travel photography for almost ten years, which was when my parents got my my first Nikon.  And I tell her that one of my Italy photos was on the cover of a poetry magazine, which I've shared with y'all before, and that I started doing portraits just this past June. 

Then my mom chimes in and says that I may not remember, but I've actually been taking photos closer to 20 years.  She said on every family trip we took, I snatched the camera and did all the photography.  I even said that I was trying to get "photonific" shots, whatever that is (and yes, I do still use that word actually... just forgot it originated so long ago).  So basically, most all of our vacation pictures were taken by me, "which is why they're so good," she says. 
The boy's mom then says, "See, Kristin.  It's your destiny.  You were made to do this all along, and now you have the opportunity."  
I was a bit choked up, especially now that I'm internalizing it and writing it out, but how interesting?

So I have a childhood story tying me to writing, which I shared HERE, and now one tying me to photography.
It's neat to look back, yes?

What about you?  Did your childhood lay down the foundation for what you're doing now, maybe even without you realizing it?


  1. Aw, what a great story and beautiful photo!! I am trying to learn more about photography and am in total awe of anyone who can do such a great job! My years of avoiding the outdoors and burying my nose into a novel paved my path towards becoming a writer! It's so crazy how our childhood selves set up the rest of our lives.

  2. That is an incredibly sweet story.

    I think it's easy to look back on your path through life and feel as though you were destined to be where you are, simply because you made the choices that got you there.

    My path has gone in many directions... looped around, returned to places where I was long ago, but in the end, I finally feel as though I've found where I am "supposed" to be. Is it destiny? I don't know, but it's fun to think so. :)

  3. I loved this story!!! It's the same thing with writing, when people ask me when I started writing I don't want to tell them January of this year, beacuse I know I've been writing long before that, the ideas have sat in my mind since I was a little girl, since I met my first love, my husband, so on and so forth. You never think about it until you're in it.

    I've been doing this a very long time, it was right, and even though the world changes around me I know that one thing still stands in place, what I was meant to do.

    Great post!

  4. so sweet! i don't really believe in destiny too much, but callings. i believe people have those, and you must have at least two! :)

    and i think our childhoods totally shape who we are and what we choose to do with life. but i think that our own nature holds just as much sway.

  5. what a lovely photo.
    My childhood shaped just my mental issues that I have today :)) but when it comes to my job, I did learn English by myself back when I was very very little and I did, again by myself, hang onto books even then, so there's a connection.

  6. What a great story! I'm happy for you that your photography is going so well. That's a terrific photo!

    My love of reading shaped my love of writing. I always had my nose buried in a book and it made me want to be a writer ever since I learned how to read. Isn't it amazing after all these years to be living our childhood dreams?!

  7. I guess it sort of did. I gave my mom a book I wrote when I was like seven for her birthday...I guess it was a sign of things to come. ;)

  8. Agreed! We talked about this & i have the same thing tying me to photography WAYYYY back when! Great post & LOVELY pictures!

  9. What a cute little boy! I believe in destiny, and I think you just might have found yours. :)

  10. Awesome photo and great story, Kristin. =o)

    I don't believe in destiny, per se, but when I look back over my life, I can see I writing was probably where I was going to end up all along. I sat down to 'write' my first book when I was pretty young. It was Robinson Crusoe, btw. I copied a few paragraphs onto notebook paper and thought I was a writer. Flash forward about thirty years through dozens of failed attempts, and I actually finished writing an entire original novel. It was bound to happen sooner or later. I just wish it had been sooner. ;o)

  11. Kristin! I wish you lived closer to take pics of my kids! That smile you captured is brilliant! Melts this mom's heart. ;)