Monday, September 6, 2010

Made for TV Couples

Who doesn't love a good TV show?  My regular followers will know of my long-time obsession with Lost, my recent obsession with Buffy, and I anticipate an obsession with Veronica Mars in the near near future. I get emotionally pulled into shows (especially ones with major teen romantic drama--because everything is WAY more dramatic and it's-the-end-of-the-world-if-this-doesn't-work-out in the eyes of a teen in love), and over the years, I've fallen in love with quite a few television couples.  Here are some of my favs, in no particular order:
 1) Buffy and Angel - I admit, through my teen years, I never thought Angel was much of anything, but now that I actually WATCH the show... dude's hot (is it creepy that I looked up the actor's info and he's only 5 years younger than my mom?).  I'm not even halfway through the series, and I know he's about to leave Buffy and get his own show (which I'm totally going to watch), and I know that Spike will attempt to win me over, but right now my brain just doesn't understand how that can happen.  I love me some Angel.
2) Max and Liz - I watched Roswell from the very first episode.  My friend and I watched it every week, and even taped a lot of them to watch over and over again.  Yes, it was silly, but what shows aren't when it comes right down to it? Max and Liz fell for each other hard after Max used his alien powers to save her life.  Sure they broke up, got back together, broke up, and got back together again, but I knew they'd end up together in the long run.  I've slowly been going through these episodes on Netflix.
3) Clark and Lana - Lois Lane who?  I was a huge Smallville fan back in the day (haven't watched it in years, and I can't believe it's STILL on) so in my eyes, Clark and Lana belonged together.  Just look at them.  So pretty.  (And the actresses name is Kristin, HELLOOOO). 
4) Ephram and Amy - Ah, Everwood.  Such beautiful scenery in this show.  I wanted to live in that little fictional town.  Ephram liked Amy from the get go but oooo she was a bad girl and used her friendship with him to get his miracle surgeon of a father to fix her vegetable boyfriend.  After several seasons of will they won't they... let's just say I was very pleased with the series finale. 
5) Sully and Dr. Quinn - Growing up, I LIVED to watch this show.  Sully was THE MAN... gosh I had such a huge crush on him.  I was always rooting for them to get together.  Sigh.  I really miss this show.  :::checking Netflix:::: ;)
6) Rory and Logan - Oh how I miss the Gilmore Girls.  Their witty banter and boy troubles brought me through my late teens and early twenties.  Rory had her share of boys... Dean, that tension with Tristan, Jess (who I sort of rooted for most of the time), then Logan.... Logan is just ADORABLE.  Sure they might not have been good for each other in the long run, but the episodes he was in were good for me. :)
7) Lorelei and Luke - From the very beginning I wanted Lor and Luke together.  And I waited, and waited and waited and freaking waited.  But when it happened.... sigh.  So cute.
8) Damon and Elena - So what if she's with Stefan, he's a WIMP.  I'm still rooting for this pair up at some point. Bwahahahaha. 
(If you haven't watched Lost yet in it's entirety but plan to, you MAY want to skip these last two.)
9) Jack and Kate - I went back and forth with Jack, mostly because of Sawyer.  Sawyer.. well, he's hotter than Jack, and he seemed more in tune with the inner workings of Kate, both being baddies and all.  But ultimately, I am happy with Jack and Kate being linked together for all eternity.  And yes, I might have cried a little.
10) Sawyer and Juliet - I never saw this match coming, but, well, they made me cry too.  So sweet.


  1. I'm so with you on the whole Buffy/Angel pairing. Plus the list is like, full of most of my favourite choices as well. :)

  2. I just recently got addicted to Grey's Anatomy (in reruns on Lifetime) and I'm totally into the romance between Meredith and Derek. Sure, I'd like to smack them both in the head sometimes, but they belong together. (Yeah, yeah, I know. I'm behind the times.)

  3. I had to go look up how old David Boreanaz was after you mentioned the age thing! Agreed on Sawyer and Kate seeming like a better match than Kate and Jack but the fact that Kate kept bouncing between them and playing them off each other made me think she was not cool enough for Sawyer. And then he got with Juliet and I was happy.
    - Sophia.

  4. FREAKIN LOVE LOST!!! Can't believe it's over, it was the most complicated and imaginative show I've ever seen, yet so enticing and irresistible. Feel like I'm still in high school, Oh-eM-Gee did you see the polar bear? And Sawyer made love to Kate!!! Ha. I really wanted Sawyer and Kate to get together. Juliet was cool and tamed Sawyer, but liked him better the way he was. ANGEL is awesome, I actually prefer it to Buffy, but still love buffy. And yes. spike will grow on you :) Lorelei and Luke are perfect. Ephram is a hottie, but i did not like everwood lol.

  5. Excellent job on making this post for us!!! I'm in love :)

  6. I'll have to disagree with you on Rory and Logan. I always rooted for Dean and I was so diappointed he didn't come back on the last episode to be reunited with Rory!
    But Lorelai and Luke sure are the cutest!
    Great blog!

  7. Yes on all of the above! Especially Luke & Lorelai. Man, I love that show...

    I never really bought Sawyer and Juliet, but I definitely think Kate and Jack belonged together.

    I'm watching Veronica Mars right now, thanks to Netflix instant!! Almost done with the first season--it's so good!! I think you'll love it. :D

  8. Oh, I loved Rory and Logan. So much. I miss Gilmore Girls!!

  9. Sawyer and Juliet - YES! I loved when they got together; Sawyer was way better with her than Kate. Just saying.

    Clark and LANA?! Are you crazy?! Lois all the way! Lana was whiney and annoying. But I could be biased because I've always loved Lois Lane; she was sort of the model for my early heroines in my WIPs. She's one of my favorite female leads in literature. comics count as literature? haha

  10. GILMORE GIRLS were one of the best written shows ever, amazing dialogues and amazing chemistry between actors.

  11. ok, now i want to see a whole bunch of shows i've never or barely seen!

    buffy had some all time amazing relationships. angel was dreamy! (oh wow! he's older than i thought! have you ever seen glee? the actors who play finn and puck are both essentially my age- and playing high school??? wierd!)

    roswell- all i'm going to say is tess *hiss*

  12. oooh Juliette and Sawyer - so full of win.
    And believe me, you'll warm up to Spike.
    Also, i fully believe that David Boreanaz gets hotter the older he gets

  13. Jack and Kate woot woot!!!! You had me at lost!!! I adore that show

  14. LOVE! Luke and Lorelai are my favs, and I'm so sad the Gilmore Girls ended. I feel like that could just go on and on.

  15. Eeek! I haven't watched any of these. I have the first season of Buffy, but haven't finished it yet. Soon.

    I'm on Team Gale, too. I haven't read MOCKINGJAY yet. My copy is in the mail (due any day now).