Thursday, October 7, 2010

Busy Little Bee... and Inspired by JK Rowling (again)....

Well I thought I'd be a better blogger now that I'm working from home, but as you all can see.... that hasn't happened yet.  I'm busy busy busy and still haven't caught up.  Which, I'm thankful I have business coming in, but apparently I'm the type that gets this little stress layer under the skin if I can't catch up, like, EVER.  As soon as I get close to catching up, I add two or three more sessions into the mix.  I know, I know, I should only be THANKFUL and just keep pluggin away.. and I am.  I just hope this stress layer doesn't catch on fire and burn me out.  I guess it's up to me not to let it. 

On a very cool and happy side note, I scored a booth for Kristin Rae Photography at a Christmas market a school is hosting this December! Two days!!!  I won't actually be TAKING photos here... I'm just promoting my services to get my name out there. 
I'm already figuring out the set up of my first booth ever and all the fun things I want to offer--Gift certificates, email sign up sheet, maybe a drawing???  And my mind has been going crazy with booth decoration ideas.  I am so excited! I just need two customers out of it to make up for what I'm putting into the booth. :)

So... anyone catch the JK Rowling interview on Oprah?  There's just something about her story, you know?  It's so one of a kind, probably never to be repeated however we all may dream about making that happen.  The Harry Potter series did everything a writer aspires to--books that get people reading (children and adults!), turned into a series of hit movies that are so well done they stay true to the essence of the books, a theme park bringing the words from the pages to life..... it's just incredible. I haven't been able to write much the past couple of months, but since watching her interview, I'm definitely inspired to make time for it (somewhere...).  Though my writing aspirations are focused on just getting PUBLISHED!


  1. Congrats on the booth! That's awesome. I did a craft show a couple of years ago and really enjoyed it. I hope it's a success for you!

    JK Rowling is such an inspiration for so many of us. Just amazing!


  2. I was a part of a photo booth once :) I was one of Santa's elves. I caught that interview, too! It was awesome. I swear I could sit and just absorb everything she said a million times and not get tired. (and I'd probably still nod along to what she's saying each time she says it)

  3. I'd love to have a craft booth sometime Jen!

    Bethany - it's not so much a booth for TAKING photographs... I'm just promoting my services for portraits. :) But being an elf sounds fun!

  4. Congratulations on the booth!! That's fantastic!!! I can't wait to hear how it turns out! Your photos are amazing so I know you'll do well! I'm glad to know you're staying busy and I'm sure you'll do what you need to pay for the booth!

    Happy decorating!

    J.K. Rowling is a force to be reckon with, she's amazing! I still have the recording on my DVR to watch when I'm feeling down. She's very inspirational.

  5. I'm a little lacking in the blogging arena right now, too.
    Cool that you'll have a booth! I always thought of doing that when I was taking pro photos full time. Our photo club does have a big show next month and I've three pieces entered.

  6. I was one of Santa's elves at our PTA photo booth too :)

    Keep on writing!

  7. Didn't catch that interview, but you're right, her story is so inspiring. A craft fair? How exciting! Hope you get lots of customers!!
    Making Life a Work of Art!

  8. I missed the interview on TV, but I found it on YouTube! It was a wonderful interview. I love what she said about failure, how it's an important stepping stone to success, and everything she said about the significance and power of imagination. She's a beautiful speaker, too! Chooses her words carefully, thinks before she speaks... It was a lovely, inspirational interview.

    And I must say, her success will definitely be repeated some day. Perhaps not in our lifetime, but it will be repeated. Everything that happens once can and probably will happen again!

  9. I really need to watch that interview! I'm in need of some inspiration right now. And congrats! on getting a booth. That's super exciting!! :)

  10. I'm excited about your Xmas gig too :)

  11. I just watched JK Rowling's interview on youtube, and am in awe of her. She's my biggest author crush -- I wish I could do even a tenth of what she does with Harry Potter, not financially, but rather how much the series touches every reader, including me. :)

    Emy Shin (my new blog)