Monday, November 8, 2010

Catching up, Blasts from the Past, and Newborns Everywhere!

It seems like every time I say I'm getting better about blogging and commenting on your blogs, I miss a whole week of it!  My head just hasn't been in the game this week.  I finally got Photoshop for my Mac in, and even though I know how photoshop works (for the most part), I still feel like I'm learning it all over again... new mouse, new keyboard... new operating system.  It's like I was driving standard, and now I'm driving a stick shift. hahaha. But... a much FASTER and PRETTIER car of course. 
I was anti-Facebook for a long time, as some of you know.  But when I started my photography biz, I signed up because it really is a great marketing tool.  Much more so than my photography blog... I only have 6 followers there, where as my FB page has 86 "Likes".  Not too terrible for a couple months, I'd say.  
And I've reconnected with some people from the past, and it's not only neat to see where they are in their lives, but some of them have inquired about photo sessions. :)

About a month ago I reconnected with someone I used to coach with back in my figure skating days, and she had her second baby the same day another friend of mine from the rink days did!  
I LOVE taking pictures of brand new little humans.  Even though they really really really don't like getting their picture taken for hours on end, they need to eat VERY OFTEN, and they pee and dump all over everything, I am just so honored to capture this moment in their lives. 

Here are a few of my favorites from the last two newborn sessions!

Miss E

Miss T


  1. those first two baby pics are lovely!

  2. You're wonderful with newborns. I'm so impressed, constantly in awe of how beautiful you do! You're making one awesome photographer!

    I have a love/hate relationship with new electronics, so many things to get used to! Congratulations on the MAC and eventually you'll love it a ton once everything works properly.

  3. Very pretty! I love your pictures! And before you know it you'll wonder how you ever lived without you Mac. :)