Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Give a Little... Get an iPad!

Or at least the chance to win one!

Anyone notice how this time of year especially, causes come out of the woodwork in effort to benefit from our swollen hearts?  Many of them worthy, this is true, but how many of us really take the time to think about the "least of these"?

My good friend--like the we were in each other's weddings type of good friend--Holly, has the biggest heart I've ever ever ever heard of.  She has an unparalleled passion for the unwanted children of the world who are continually overlooked due to circumstances they have no control over.  

In effort to both raise awareness and funds for the ones she's most passionate about, she's organized a fundraiser and ALL proceeds go to Reece's Rainbow, The International Down Syndrome Orphan Ministry. 

Every donation of $5 is an entry for the iPad raffle.

If you're interested in learning more and/or entering for the chance to win (helping the "least of these" in the meantime!), click this link to her blog, and there are boxes right up top--pick a category to designate your donation and click CHIPIN! (It accepts PayPal accounts!) 

Skip the fancy latte today and donate to a special needs kid instead.  
Who knows... you just might win a shiny new iPad!

I'd love to see her fundraiser surpass expectations!
If any of my followers donate, let me know, because I will smile--really big.  I may even post a picture of said big smile next week...... :)

Winner will be announced December 1, 2010!


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