Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Please tell me I'm not the only one...

I'm really not into fashion, as anyone who knows me could tell you.  I cling to my T's and sneakers like there is no tomorrow.  Don't get me wrong, I'd LOVE to be sporting the latest from Anthropologie, but there are two reasons I don't.  
One: one outfit is more than I make on one photo session...
Two: their clothes are made for the Tinies

Since I'm still in week 1 of calorie counting (still going strong!!), I won't be an addition to the Tinies club just yet... maybe one day... next JUNE.

Now, I've always flipped through the makeup ads from Sephora and the like for color palette ideas for paintings and what not, but yesterday... I tore out a cologne sample.  Not because I liked the cologne (which I do)... but because of the model. 

I think my mouth hung open, and I may have drooled just a little bit.  I think it's the hair... I've always had a thing for hair like that...
 I thought, "I have to write a character based off of him."  I haven't decided if said character is going to be a model yet, but he will indeed have the hair.

Check it to wreck it: 
And because I'm so awesome, you can click on the picture and check out their website and watch the TV SPOT... he's totally in the commercial.

(I figure I can post this picture since I'm not claiming it to be mine, right?  It's practically an advertisement for them anyway. ;) 

So back to my point.... anyone else tear pages out of magazines and stalk the models on the internet, all in the name of character sketch research?!?!?!


  1. I don't do character sketches or anything but I can SO see why you would base a character off of him.

  2. I find an image from somewhere to work from. If the computer didn't store pictures as well I know I would keep scrap books to aid the continuity.
    I never got over HP having blue eyes in the movies;)

  3. sometimes an image or a video clip or a stranger i pass by will inspire a character for me. But as the character develops in my head, they usually morph into something different before the words hit the page.
    handsome man, but the snapping got kinda ridiculous. :)

  4. I do pull pages out of magazines and then if I really like them and want to use them for my collages I'll search for the model again until I can find the look I want for them.

    Wow... I kind of do sound like a stalker.

  5. well, Kristin, we've always known you have a great taste in men :)

  6. Hot!
    And yes, yes i have torn out a cologne add for the model.
    I still have that picture saved somewhere

  7. Haha. No, I don't stalk models, only writers! And ha! I see some of my friends have found you too. ***waves*** hi, I'm new here.

  8. Sort of... I was looking online for a pic to go with one of my characters once and I found this model (girl) who was PERFECT for her. Even the little oddities in my character seemed to be reflected in this model. She was not beautiful, sort of plain, but pretty. Anyway... I did google her to find more pics and it was really helpful. When I saw different pics of her, it helped solidify my mental image of my character.

    So... yeah! Only once, but I've done it!

  9. Whew...hot! I have a thing for that hair, too. One of my [secondary] characters looks just like this guy.