Saturday, November 13, 2010

Sarcastic Saturday

I love scrubbing dried dog slobber off of the window ledges. And there's also a lovely patch of grime just below all the door handles in the house from them nudging their way through.  Let's not forget about the decor on the floor in the kitchen.  And not just around the water bowl... no no. They are practically still drinking as they walk away from their bowl out of the kitchen. So thoughtful of them to know how much I love getting my socks wet on a daily basis.

I actually watched a real news report on why dogs cause such a mess with their water compared to cats.  Apparently, cats stick their tongue in the water and pull up a column of liquid and close their mouth quickly to trap it. Dogs form a cup with their tongue and attempt to scoop it in, and well, we all know how that ends. They get more on the floor and the walls than in their mouths.

They make a mess, but what would we do without them???  And after all, we LOVE cleaning up after them.  Especially the presents they leave scattered in the yard right where you walk. Why on earth should they go along the fence or behind that patch of trees in the back corner? That would be nonsensical.


  1. I feel your pain. Seriously. My dog makes such a mess but my cat is wonderfully cute.

    Love your blog!

  2. Yep - I'm a dog person, despite the mess.

  3. You've not met our cats! We have drinking fountain that circulates the water and both cats splash it everywhere. And you should see our windows - covered in nose spots!

  4. I love dog people, but I'm not one of them :(( My kitty does make a mess of her water bowl at times, but for the most part she's pretty "clean."

    Happy Sunday, Kristin!

  5. I love my kitties... I don't love the dogs smell when they come in from the outdoors, how they slobber (I don't do well with that) and all the creatures they could bring to the house. Though my husband wants one and I promised when we get a house I'll make that dream come true.

    For the record, I adore my cats, but they aren't saints either. One decided that after 3 hours of letting a pumpkin pie cool that he'd put his paw in it to see how good it was. That same cat has no respect in the evenings and will sing his solo by our front door around midnight because he likes the echo. Oh yea... he's a piece of work.