Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What Day is it, and Sticking to a Schedule?

Do you ever have to actually ask someone what day it is?  Since the lay-off, I feel like this a LOT.  And it's not that I don't have things to do on specific days of the week (I have had SOME photo sessions, though not as many as I'd like), I just find that it's so much harder to keep the days straight now that I'm not trudging through my week just to get to Friday.

And there are so many things I want to make time for... yet some days slip right past and I have to think back to figure out if I actually got anything done at all.  I've thought a lot about implementing a schedule.  Plan out my whole day and try (for the most part) to follow through.  If I had the discipline for it, here's how I'd like to do it:

Wake up
take care of the dogs
eat breakfast while catching up on emails and blogs
let breakfast settle while doing a Rosetta Stone lesson (Spanish or Italian)
8:15 or 8:30
Hip Hop Abs (I have this... yes, yes I do.  And it's AWESOME)
After 2 months, when the hip hop abs program has run once through, work in Turbo Jam also
Shower because by now I totally stink
Start editing those sessions, find new ways to market
11:00 or Noon
make and eat lunch (AWAY from Honeycrisp)
write for at least an hour to give the editing eyes a rest, and to make progress on the WIP
edit more, market more
hang out with hubs, make dinner, eat

I'd also like to find a set day a week to play tennis (there are courts right by my house, and I played in high school, so I ASSUME I still know how..... ;)

We also aren't eating out too much these days.  But I found that I'm always cooking the same things.... and I have LOTS of cookbooks!  Guess I need to open one once in a while. 

So, how does my schedule sound?? Doable??? It doesn't seem too incredible structured or difficult to me, so theoretically I should be able to stick to it.  But I've yet to actually start....

Do you try to stick to some sort of schedule?  Any tricks to staying motivated?


  1. I rarely know what day it is. Such is the life of a SAHM. I did just download a new app for my iPhone that has schedule reminders and a place for grocery lists... but of course I have yet to do anything with it. haha one day.

  2. My schedule is so chaotic, it's not really a schedule. Between clients, speaking engagements, church, etc., I'm all over the map!

  3. I like your schedule. When I'm on vacation for more than a day or two, I get confused about the days also. I am so much more productive on a schedule, but I also veering off the path now and again. :)

  4. That definitely sounds like a great plan! But sticking to it's going to be the hard part. :)

  5. Sometimes I forget what day/time it is when I'm off work. Time flies when I'm writing or on the internet.