Monday, November 15, 2010

Who's Counting?

Whoever says, "...but who's counting?" is usually the one that's doing counting, right?  

These days, I'm counting a lot of things...

This past Friday I started counting calories (again).  Seriously though, that extra 20 pounds I thought I had to lose is now magically 30.  Yeah... that blasted scale.  I'll tell you WHAT, if you don't want to know, don't get on it, but if you do, there is no greater motivator.  Simply working out has NOT been cutting it, so I'm back to counting everything that goes in my mouth, and I'm only drinking water--which isn't too hard, since it's pretty much all I drink anyway.  Since Friday, I've been between 1200-1500 a day (the goal is 1400, as it's too dangerous to go below 1200 a day, especially while working out).
I know what you're saying... how many health kicks can this girl go through in a year?!
At least one more ;)

Now that the job security blanket has been thrown out, I've been counting how many sessions I book--there is a certain number of sessions I need a month to make what I made at my former job.  
Am I there yet? 
Not even close.  
But I'm still counting.

I count how many photos I edit per session, yes I do. 

I like to see the number of comments that come through, not gonna lie. 

40 days to go people.  Have I bought anything yet? 

It's pretty important to have an idea of what's coming in... and making sure there is less going out.
Anyone know of good coupon resources? Because I'm considering being a coupon cutter....

Oh yes, I am.  I'm planning to go Friday at some point.  I always say I want to wait for the big releases to die down a bit, but the trailer looks SO stinking exciting, I don't think I can wait.

What are you counting?


  1. here's one for your comment count! :)
    i should be counting calories- but it scares me...
    i should be counting down to thanksgiving and when all my hubby's family is coming HERE to eat- but it scares me...
    i should be counting how many words i write a night and force myself into gaining progress- but that scares me too!
    maybe i'll just count chickens.

  2. Counting calories... been there. That's never fun. I count a lot of the same things you do. Well not photo sessions as I don't take many photos. Here's one for you though... word count. When I actually am writing, which hasn't been at all lately, I count words :)

  3. I'm counting down the days until the midnight release. I'm actually seeing Harry POtter TWICE on Friday. Cause I'm crazy. I LOVE Harry Potter. My entire week on my blog is dedicated to HP awesome.

    I hate scales. Really, a lot.

    I'm counting down to xmas too. I've already bought everyone's presents...and given them away. That's why I always wait until two days before. I have horrible patience.

  4. Good luck with all your personal goals. That is the key to have them, work towards them and take pleasure in succeeding. I'm saving HP for when the family can see it together - 27th Nov *can't wait happy dance :)

  5. Here's another one for your comment count! WE're counting down the days til Christmas too

  6. Calories and Pennies...

    I LOVE your photos - I stopped by there the other day. I will be shocked if you're not as booked as you want to be soon.

  7. I need to get back to counting calories. My gradual downward weight numbers have turned into a rocket in the wrong direction. And the holidays are approaching fast.

    Lately, thought, I've mostly been counting words. In the middle of NaNo, and my word counts are off. Must have more words.

    I'm trying not to count query rejections. I'm also trying to avoid counting the days since my partial went out.