Thursday, December 9, 2010

His name is Stanley. And Etsy Store RELAUNCH!

Thank you all for your kind words about my branch! 

And I didn't mention it before, but his name is Stanley...

Every year, I name my tree, or rather, it names itself.  Sometimes after all the ornaments are on, sometimes in the tree lot, the name will come into my head and then there is no going back--it has to be the first one I think of.  Usually our trees are girls (Francesca, Caroline, Isabella....), but this year, the branch is a boy.  And his name is Stanley. 

Anyway... here is a gift idea for you!  I'm giving the Etsy store another go!  People sell stuff on there, I know they do... so I've got some Italy prints available if anyone is interested. 

Things like 



and some others.  I had a friend order four from me yesterday and she didn't understand why I wasn't trying to sell them, so.... now I guess I am. :)

Check back tomorrow for my blogiversary contest announcement!

1 comment:

  1. stanley is a perfect name! distinguished but cute- like a little boy in a suit! :)
    GORGEOUS pics!