Thursday, December 30, 2010

A New Year -- And Unplugged

I hope everyone has an enjoyable and SAFE New Year celebration!

In the past, I've had a hard time staying awake until midnight, but given my newish status of Night Owl, I don't think I'll have a problem this year.

As we bid a fond farewell to 2010, I'm sure we're all wondering what 2011 has in store for us.  Well,


about what 2011 COULD bring... 

Here it is... my ideal 2011 (this in no way is a resolution list, because I refuse to make them! ;)

-Finish Anemone (my most promising WIP)
-Query it
-Get an agent
-Get a publishing deal for fall 2012
-Look like a swimsuit model by summer
-Win a photography contest
-Knit all my Christmas gifts
-Be able to speak Italian conversationally
-Learn to curl my own hair
-Finally outgrow my teenage skin
-Learn not to complain
-Try new foods
-Sell a painting

Sigh... a girl can dream!

I'll be unplugged through the New Year (As I'm sure many of you will also be), so HAPPY HAPPY, and I'll see you in 2011 with a fresh face, and lots and lots and lots of possibilities!

Love and sparklers,



  1. Okay, a few thoughts.

    1. Happy New Year! I hope everything you wish for comes true. Except,

    2. Outgrowing your teenage skin may result in old lady skin. Are you sure you want that? I think you look pretty good.

    3. How long has it been since I really looked at your blog? Why is everything centered? Moving left...

  2. Happy New Year! Hope all your dreams come true. :)

  3. Happy New Year, Kristin!!! May 2011 be your best year yet!

  4. I hope all those things come true for you, you deserve it! Happy New Year!

  5. Happy New Year! May all of those things come true and more. :)