Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Scabior! Scrivener! What?

First of all, those of you who saw HPandtheDH part 1... did you think of Captain Jack Sparrow every time you saw Scabior?

Obviously (and regretfully), he's NOT Johnny Depp, but I couldn't help thinking this was the look they were going for with him.  

Moving on... as my Christmas portrait sessions have mostly wrapped up (that was a completely unintentional pun), I'm ALMOST ready to get some serious writing done!  The always awesome Kim Franklin shared with me a writing program called Scrivener. She's doing the trial version right now and so far, LOVES it.  I have to say, from what she says, it's pretty fantastic.  Keeps your writing projects organized to the MAX!! 

So for all of the writers out there who are Mac users (fear not, PCs! Your version is coming!!), have you tried it? What do you think? Never heard of it? Interested now?

I plan to give this puppy a try after Christmas when the portrait biz is slower than the molasses I usually put in my gingerbread cookies but I have no occasion to make them this year :)


  1. Hey, I totally agree!! I also loved this movie, btw. It paralleled the book quite closely.

  2. Right?! And yes, they did a great job with the movie--can't wait for part two!

  3. Kristin - Can't wait for the program to come out on the PC. I've only heard great things about it, too. =D

  4. I haven't seen it yet! I can't wait to, but the holidays have been nuts...
    Hmm, Scrivener? I'll have to check it out.

  5. i always stick with Microsoft Word. Anything else i try just distracts me from the actual writing

  6. RaShelle--hopefully it will be soon!

    Lydia--you MUST! see it before it leaves the theater! the action is delicious on the big screen with a blaring soundtrack!

    Falen--that's all I use at the moment, but there is something to be said for the organization Scrivener offers. It would keep me from having scraps of paper everywhere! (but I am a little worried I'm going to play with it more than write!)

  7. I didn't pay too much attention to him during the film (but I have only seen it once so far) but now that you mention it...yeah, he does kind of have that Jack Sparrow look to him.

    I've heard of Scrivener but I have a PC so no trials for me right now.


  8. I tried out the PC trial of Scrivener at the start of NaNo, but on the second day half of a scene disappeared (eek!) so I decided not to use it anymore. I know they're working out the kinks and it'll be a great program once it's all polished. Until then I'll stick with boring old Word. :-)