Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Are We Living Up to Our Potential?

There is something about this time of year (ahem. the very beginning of one) that makes me look at everything I've done (feels like a lot), everything I've wanted to do (even more), and everything I'm not doing (way too much).  Do you ever feel like you are capable of so much MORE than you're actually doing, but aren't really sure how to go about doing said "more"?

Inside me, I feel like I can be a published author.  I can SEE my pretty hardback on the YA NEW RELEASES shelf.  I can see myself on a book tour meeting new faces and getting wrist cramps from signing books (mine!).  

Inside me, I feel like I can be a wedding photographer.  I can SEE all the pretty brides in their pretty white dresses in all the photos I'd be editing.  I can see that one amazing shot I caught by accident making it on the cover of ... some magazine that has wedding photos.

Inside me, I feel like I can have a tight little body like Buffy and Veronica Mars.  I can SEE myself shopping for smaller clothes.  I can see myself fitting in them.

So what am I doing to get myself out of the way???  Here are some things I've been trying--maybe it can help you get yourself out of your way too.

1) Don't expect it all at once, or soon--progress takes TIME.  It's a PROCESS (unfortunately).  I can't query before my book is done being written!  I can't put my butt in smaller pants until my butt IS smaller (I know some people don't wait, but I'd like to).

2) Write things down--I have a list I keep at my computer that I can see daily to remind me of everything I'm working for.
a) Write 1000 words per week (minimum) with the goal to
b) finish Anemone and query it;
c) do something active daily (and I write ALL THIS down in a little notebook along with everything I put in my mouth) and so far this year I have kept up with it;
d) study spanish (I have Rosetta Stone for both Spanish and Italian... why not DO IT?);
e) Find someone to be a second shooter with at a wedding--this takes the major responsibility off of me as I'm learning.  The pictures I take would essentially be THEIR'S, but I'd learn a lot and wouldn't have to edit a thing.

3) Don't give up when results don't slap you in the face!!! This is my biggest issue... the follow through. We live in a world of microwaves and fast food--instant gratification.  The process of reaching our long term goals don't work like that (hence the word LONG).  Find a process that works for you and stick with it.  

We owe it to ourselves to make 2011 OUR YEAR--to get out of our own way and make things happen.  We can live up to our own potential.

What are you keeping yourself from doing, and how can you change that?  


  1. I floundered a bit last year due to family situations and a crash & burn.
    And I remember my days as a wedding photographer...
    Let's see if we both can't do what we can and control what we can control!

  2. Oh, Kristin, this post was one of my most favorites!!! YOU GO GIRL! And please take me with you, I need some of that encouragement!

  3. PS- I KNOW you can do all those things. ;-)

  4. L - Let's!

    Kristi - You rock! :) I'm certainly going to try my best to get these things done!!!

  5. Lovely post. I've been thinking about all the things I'm intending for the year, too. A new year has such a fresh lovely feeling, doesn't it?

  6. Great post! I also look to Sarah Michelle Gellar and Kristen Bell as examples of how I'd like to look, so reading this post was sort of funny for me.

    You're so right, though, we have to live up to our potential but also, I think, take it easy on ourselves as we're working towards our goals in not getting frustrated and feeling badly about our progress, kwim? That's how I'm trying to feel about my journey as a writer AND about fitness and weight loss. It's all about the long term.

  7. I am just trying to get my son dressed in the morning with out him kicking his clothes off. One battle at a time for me! LOL