Monday, January 3, 2011

Plugged Back In, and Giveaway Reminder

How is the first Monday of the year shaping up?  Hard to get motivated?  Excited about the clean slate?  Both??

Don't forget about my Blogiversary Giveaway (I think I accidentally called it a contest... I always get those mixed up.. but whatever  :) that ends at MIDNIGHT CENTRAL on January 9th.  It looks like we'll only have one winner--I'm not holding my breath on reaching 300 followers by then--so the winner will get a $15 gift card emailed to them for Amazon. If you haven't entered yet, you might as well!

I had a nice unplugged New Year's weekend at a friend's parent's ranch near Waco.  Did some knitting, reading, picture taking, and lots of good eating!  Here are a few pictures:

Kissed by a cow!

A curious donkey named Rebecca.


Super old tractor likely left by the previous previous land owners.

First time one of my sun flares gave me a polygonal shape vs round... must be the lens filter...

Sunset again...

My friend's dad owns a car dealership in Waco and this is part of one of their old signs they have out at the ranch.

Some really cute pink berries--no clue what they are.

Holly with a color effect for funsies... so long Christmas... see you next year!


  1. WOW! You take absolutely gorgeous pictures. I really love them.

  2. Ooh I love love the first sunset picture! Very nice!!

  3. Love these. Breathtaking. Adore them. You know I'm your biggest fan.

    BTW - Save the date! March 4th (I think) Rachel Hawkins @ Blue Willow! I hope you can make it!! I know we'll meet before then but if you're setting up your calendar it'll be set up!

  4. I feel all warm and fuzzy inside now that I've been kissed by a cow.

  5. Those are some beautiful pictures! I love the donkey one best. :) ANd congrats on your blogoversary! That's awesome.

  6. Thanks for sharing these lovely pictures. It seems like such a wonderful and peaceful New Year. :)

  7. Gorgeous photos. Thanks for posting them. I love the cow, and the old tractor. =o)

    I spent today out on a book-buying spree. That was motivating, but only to read more. I need some serious motivation to get back to writing.

  8. These photos are GORGEOUS! You are so talented!!! ;-)

  9. wow y'all are soooo sweet! Thanks!

    Jen- I'M SO EXCITED TO MEET RACHEL! Thanks for the heads up!

    B.E. - That's the best kind of spree!!

  10. Yay for a New Year! I hope things are going well for you!

  11. ah, I adore pictures with animals!!!