Monday, January 17, 2011

(Veronica) Mars Monday

I will preface this post with a couple notes for those of you that haven't watched Veronica Mars:

1 - you should

2 - you will love it even though it will leave you with a gigantic hole

3 - if you plan to watch, don't read the rest of this post, for it will spoil everything

Okay, now that the unfortunates have left the room, let's get down to business.

WHY THE BLEEP DID THEY CANCEL THIS SHOW??  And not only that, but why was it canceled WHERE it was canceled??  There is zero closure.  Of all the open wounds from all the shows in all the world...

Some things I love about VM:

  • Veronica herself--she's quick-witted, sassy, adorable, and smarter than your border collie.  She's got quite the flair for picking up on the clues that your average teen girl dealing with the drama of her own love life wouldn't, and gets to the truth of every case she takes on.  And when she gets in a jam, she doesn't instantly know martial arts, she gets her butt kicked.  She's also very quotable: Talking to her friend Wallace, she rests her chin on her hand and ponders him.  "What?" he asks.  "Oh, I'm just trying to figure out which Gilmore Girl you are."  LOVE it.  Do I want to be more like her?  You bet I do--body structure (I can dream, right?), hair (I've already started styling mine in season 3 fashion... don't judge me), charm, wit.  The boys sure like her! Which brings me to...
  • Logan Echolls--for much of Season 1, he was a bad word.  I didn't even think he was attractive (or in the running for boyfriend material) because he was such a jerk!  Then whammo... something changed.  He got protective of Veronica.  We got to see the softer side--kudos to Jason Dohring for the heartbreaking scene delivery; he's got it down.  When Logan falls in love, he falls hard.  You can see everything he feels through his eyes, which just melts the viewer. MELTS I tell you. 
  • Keith Mars--Veronica's dad.  What a skit he is.  He looks like just the average dad next door, but not only is he brilliant, he's understatedly hilarious. Great casting job pairing up these two--the father/daughter chemistry is spot on.  

Let's talk about the last episode.  Logan has beat the crap out of Piz (though later it's discovered that Piz had nothing to do with that video leak) and Veronica wants Logan out of her life (GASP!).  But when Logan happens to be around when Veronica is publicly blasted by a secret society idiot, does he stand back and watch? NO. He beats the crap out of him too.  I think Veronica's smile at this is an indication that they'll be together in the long run.  Veronica's dad is running for Sheriff against the other PI in town who has no problem hanging Keith's dirty laundry out for all to see.  In the last minute of the show, Veronica awakes to find the front page of the newspaper featuring the trouble her dad is in, she goes to vote for him in the special election, then walks out into the rain. The End. 

Excuse me, but how is this an end?  It just leaves a whole lot of questions.  A big gaping hole in my heart that must be filled with more Logan/Veronica and I need to know that her dad won't continue to be wronged by the town.  

Here is how I've decided to pretend the last scene really played out: 

Not only do they show Veronica voting for her dad, but they also show many other townspeople voting for him too, so we know he will win and all will be well.  And who else is there voting? None other than Logan Echolls.  He opens the door for Veronica and they share a knowing smile as well as an umbrella, and walk down the sidewalk arm in arm.  


  1. I didn't watch this show when it first started, but I did LOVE it once I started watching it! And I remember being very mad!!!! I think I'm going to add these to my netflix! :)

  2. Is it sad that I squealed OUT LOUD when I saw your post title? I think NOT.

    I'm still in love with Logan *sigh*, and like you, still VERY ANGRY about both the cancelling of this show AND the way it ended. Should we petition to bring it back?

  3. Gosh, I need to finish this. Hubby and I were watching on Netflix streaming for a while, but then we got sidetracked by other shows. We're about halfway through the last season...*makes mental note*

  4. I've got to get around to watching this. I've seen the first episode, and it's a fantastic show.

  5. I miss this show so much. It really did end in such a weird spot. But I guess they didn't really have much of a choice after they found out it was being cancelled. There are still rumors about a possible movie, but I don't know if that will actually happen. Sigh.

  6. I watched all the reruns... And it was absolutely amazing. I'm so sad they never finished it... It really has left a gaping hole.

  7. I consider the network canceling of this show a travesty right up there with the Firefly fiasco!!!!

  8. agree with you 200%!!! why oh why!?!?!?!
    great show!
    weevel (sp?) was my favorite character and mac too!

  9. oh sigh, I love me some Logan. I heart the bad boys. I don't know why it was canceled but I do know that MY LOVE IS UNENDING!!

  10. Never watched this show, but I don't watch many shows any more. Part of my problem is that I'll get into a TV show and then it either just goes off the air with no real conclusion or the show goes off on some dumb tangent that just loses me. I prefer to watch movies and not get involved in an ongoing television series.

    Tossing It Out

  11. Oh, man, I hate when shows get canceled mid-season. SUPER irritating! But then you get to make up your own ending, I suppose...meh. Still better to have closure. :)

  12. Ok I had to skim this because I haven't finished the show. I did however recently fall in love with VM and gobbled up Season 1 in like a week. By the finale, I was screaming for the guy at the door to be Logan :) I love when they can take a character I hate and make me love him.