Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Walls are Naked!

Three and a half years living in this house and most of my walls are still blank.  There are several reasons...

1) can't make up my mind about what should go where

2) have a hard time buying artwork by other people--I always feel like I should cover the walls in my own stuff (it's ridiculous, I'M AWARE) and photos.

3) don't really have enough stuff for all the walls, and that would mean having to spend money (on fancy metalwork or frames for the artwork I'd make or pictures I'd take.... of course)

4) sort of lazy about it (or the walls have been blank for so long I hardly notice it anymore)

So the past couple of years I've been collecting things... empty frames, architectural salvage, metal art pieces on sale at Hobby Lobby.... and yesterday my mom came over and helped me hang stuff throughout the house!  She's super good at knowing what looks good where and how to arrange things (a gene that apparently didn't get passed along, because while I might THINK something looks good... it's probably dorky.) Here is a look at some of my walls now.

Here is the breakfast nook!

And if we look closer, we'll find a Kristin original :)  This is my newest scarf, and the first one made with yarn from an actual yarn store.  It's not as soft as it should be (I just loved the colors!)--I'll go for Alpaca next time.

Here is a glimpse at my office where I'm sitting right now. If you really look, you can see that I have Blogger open and I'm working on this post... creepy, eh? 
Yes we did realize one of the shelves is warped, but who's going to stare at it long enough to notice? I'm not buying new ones just yet. (FYI- The red painting (the good one) is not mine). And yes I know my desk is a folding table... you want to buy me a real one??? ;)

We also hung a little metal deal I had laying around over some watercolor paintings I bought in Italy (good time to cave on not buying anyone else's art, right??).

We didn't add anything to this wall, but it completes the Italy corner of the house. 

So, there is still plenty of wall space left in the house, and I plan to tackle them one by one.  The most obviously blank wall in the house though, is right above the entertainment center.
Please ignore the disorganized shelves--I haven't moved things back since I took down Christmas (though my Willow Tree Nativity is still there... oops).

Any ideas?? It's a big space! 


  1. Pretty! Hobby Lobby is fun for knicknack decorations.

    Maybe above the entertainment center *should* be your artwork. Why not? You'll be able to admire it all the time.

  2. I'm the same way, we lived in our old apartment for three years and I had maybe two things on the wall. I could never decide what I wanted to go where and I was afraid I was going to change my mind and not like where I put something. I'm so indecisive. We moved to our current apartment in August and have exactly NOTHING on our walls. Hopefully soon...

  3. I love those Italy paintings! Also, I don't know if you know this or not, but if you go online to Hobby Lobby's website before you go, you can often get a free 40%off coupon. I try to do that every time I need art supplies. I love the stuff they have original.

  4. I am so JEALOUS of your walls! Everything looks so well put together! Gorgeous!

  5. Everything looks amazing! It's like the walls in a catalogue--you're so handy!

  6. plain walls are best solved with sheets of designer wallpaper with lovely patterns. So you put them just on one wall, or just one part of the wall, just one strip ... combining them with colours in you room. You can also solve a boring wall with wall stickers in many beautiful shapes of flowers, plants, geometrical shapes ..which you can take off when they become boring ... you have them in all the modern stores.

  7. Your walls look amazing -- not boring or plain at all! I especially love the breakfast nook!

  8. I never would've guessed your desk is a folding table. Everything looks great. Nice and simple, but with flare. =o)

  9. You pick really lovely things for the walls. I think you should do a big, colorful painting above the entertainment center.

  10. Movie poster! One of those cool, authentic ones. Or a 16x20 framed and matted - that would occupy some space. (Can you tell what's on OUR walls? LOL)

  11. Of course, your house is beautiful! I think I may have to email with to find out where you got stuff. Like that TV cabinet. So cute!! And I just informed my hubby that we will be doing the wainscoting on some of our walls. He's overjoyed! LOL

  12. OMG
    I totallllly love your breakfast wall!
    Me and Mr. Whimsy have been collecting pieces like this too! I am so showing my honey this pic.