Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Bernard Pivot Blogfest

The Bernard Pivot Blogfest today is hosted by the lovely Nicole of One Significant Moment at a Time.  Here is the famous questionnaire created by Bernard Pivot, answered by yours truly.

  • What is your favorite word?

  • Currently: Rubbish (and Brilly, thanks to Beth Revis ;)

  • What is your least favorite word?

  • The F bomb--tacky tacky, especially out in public when people can hear you. Please.  Spare us.  You're not nearly as cool as you think you are. 
    I also don't love when people use the names "God" and "Jesus" for curse words--how did that happen anyway? And why those religious names? Why doesn't anyone yell out Buddha or the guy who came up with scientology? 

  • What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally?

  • Music, weather, books

  • What turns you off?

  • Ignorance

  • What is your favorite curse word?

  • Crap

  • What sound or noise do you love?

  • Laughter--deep from the gut

  • What sound or noise do you hate?

  • I try not to "hate" anything--it's a waste of emotion ;) . But some sounds I dislike are nails on a chalkboard, screaming children, and yappy dogs. 

  • What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?

  • I always thought it would be fun to run a restaurant/bakery.  I'd love to decorate cakes and cookies!
    I also have this secret desire to be an archaeologist and dig up the past--especially in Pompeii, Italy. 

  • What profession would you not like to do?

  • Window washing on sky scrapers.

  • If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?

  • Well done, good and faithful servant. Welcome home. 

    Click HERE for the list of everyone else participating and check out their answers!


    1. Oo, I wouldn't want to be a window washer on a sky scraper either. Good choice.

    2. I so agree with your #2 answer! And yet, the F-bomb is my favorite curse word. Still, I try not to blurt it in line at the grocery store. Sounds so bad when I hear strangers use it in public. Especially when little kids are within earshot.

      Awesome answers! Thanks for playing along!!

    3. Rubbish is a fantastic word! Nice choice.

      (I also agree about window washing skyscrapers... Yikes!)

    4. Right there with you on screaming children. I have to of my own and it grinds on every nerve I have.

    5. I would also really love to own a bakery. How cool would that be?! I just watched "Life As We Know It" last night, and it made me want to be able to cook. Too bad I suck. haha Enjoyed your answers! :)

    6. Great answers! I'm totally looking up the name of the guy who invented Scientology and using it for a new swear word. Thanks ;)


    7. Hahaha it does not surprise me at all that your favorite curse word is CRAP. I think that it's one of my favorite things about you! I give you mad props for that - because it's a nasty habit I can't seem to break. I do my best not to say the F-bomb in public!

    8. LOL you make an excellent point! Why don't people use Buddah or the scientology guy! Fun answers, Kristin.

    9. We share 2 of the same answers! Very enjoyable reading, thanks.

    10. I love the colors you used!!! I also have learned to love the word Brilly (today) and swimmingly (also found today).

    11. Window washing skyscrapers, that's a good one! Way to think outside of the box.
      - Sophia.

    12. yay for brilly and frex! im reading across the universe right now, and i love the innovative words beth's made up! :)
      id actually enjoy window washing on skyscrapers--even if im a bit afraid of heights. which doesnt really make any sense at all, but oh well :D

    13. ahh, good stuff here. I do think that whole bakery person would be fun. Just think how pretty your creations would be! And yummy!!!

      And I had this thought the other day about nails on a chalkboard. That's sort of becoming a thing of the past, yes? Nice to "meet" you, K~ :o)

    14. You DON'T Want to run a restaurant. Tried it. horrible! ;o) Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    15. Me too on Brilly! I almost said it a couple times while I was reading ATU.

      L. Ron Hubbard! Doesn't sound as good as Jesus Christ! But yeah, I don't like it either. I prefer the Jeez Louise version.

    16. Music and belly laughter are the most natural wonders of the world :D

    17. Great answers! I'm so with you on #2. Yes, Brilly is a great word! So in love with that book right now. Crap---that's my usual curse word or I mix it up with crapola.

    18. Sky scraper window thanks. S.C.A.R.Y.

    19. I say crap, all the time. All. the. time.
      Also, rubbish? My husband says that all the time.
      And who the heck is the founder of scientology? I should try that one out, I never understood how we ended up using the Lord's name in vain...

      And Pompeii... Nice...

    20. Pretty masthead.
      As to curse words, I get a jolt each time someone takes the Lord's name in vain. I assume that some catastrophe has happened, which usually isn't the case. Love me some cake decorating!

    21. Ah! Someone else who uses the word "crap". It's not especially tasteful but it beats certain other words if you need an expletive.

      Tossing It Out

    22. I'm still laughing about people saying Buddha instead of Christ! I want to open a bakery/design company. Totally random combination, but both things I love.

    23. Cool answers. I couldn't do the skyscraper window washing thing either.

    24. Totally agree with you on the window washing skyscraper thing! :)

    25. Hasn't this been a delightful way to meet fellow bloggers, getting to know them a little better? I really liked your answers. Your answer to #10 matched mine. Have a great weekend, Roland

    26. You sooooooo copied my answers!!!! :) A lot of similarities.

    27. Enjoyed your list - I have a theory about the origin of Jesus being used as a swear word. Growing up surrounded by Irish folk, they would call out in reverent request *puts on my brogue for ye*, "Jesus Christ help me" or "Oh, Jesus I could really use a hand." Which eventually becomes "Jesus!" which of course has become a curse instead of a plea.


    28. I really think someone should start using L. Ron Hubbard's name as a swear word. "Ah, L. Ron!" Ha! :)

      Great list.

    29. Great list. Thanks for sharing bits of you. A bakery? That could be a creative setting.

    30. I wanted to be an archeologist when was growing up. I even had “sites” in the playground.

    31. Finally making my way over for the blogfest! Sorry I'm late visiting.

      Love your response to working in a bakery. I would love to know how to do that.

    32. Ignorance is such a turn off, isn't it? Great answers!

    33. ah, it would've been nice if we had a curse based on Scientology :) I'd probably use it all the time :)