Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Birthday Banner/Button Bash!!

28 years ago today I came into the world, already curious--eyes wide, not even crying.  (Happy Birthing Day, Mom! ;) 

For my birthday festivities here at Kristin Creative, I'm hosting a the


The selected winner will get a new blog header, Etsy banner, or blog button designed by yours truly!
Here is a sampling of some I've made:

Blog headers

Yes, I took the picture of this book myself--it took FOREVER!!

Yes, I drew this flower by hand on my Bamboo tablet--it took FOREVER hahaha. Not sure I will try something this intricate again!

Etsy banner


To Enter:

Comment here with your email address (or email it to me if you don't want yours floating around), which you'd like to win, and a short description of what you want it to look like.  Link your blog if you want a header to your existing design so I can get an idea of the colors/vibe.  If you plan on redoing the whole thing in conjunction with a new header, we'll talk colors/vibe later.

Since I am a photographer, I am willing to take some photos and do effects to them to incorporate (books, architecture, plants, whatever), so if you have any neat ideas for yours if you win, tell me now!!

I'm going to pick a winner based off the descriptions of what you're looking for (to see what sounds fun, and also what I can handle!!) so be realistic and creative!

Deadline: March 6th


  1. Happy Birthday, Kristin!!! Hope it's filled with Lattes, good books and great friends.

    I don't have a creative banner idea at the moment (and I've got to run kids to school) BUT I'll be back!! LOVE this idea. :D

    Off to think of something cool...

  2. You my dear are amazingly talented and it's been wonderful getting to know you and I'm excited to continue to be friends!

    Happy freaking birthday girl!!

  3. Wahoo!!!! Happy Birthday, Kristin....:) Your designs are gorgeous! Your photography is amazing as well.

    You are one talented chica!

    Hope you have a fabulous day...:)

    I'll have to come back with an idea for a button or a banner. Love it!

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! And what a cool contest! This is totally perfect for a photographer girl like you :)

    I totes want a button!!!! I've been looking around for someone to make me one for a while. I'm all about the simple and floral (as evidenced by my blog layout right now). I <3 yellow and green. And if a book could somehow be incorporated into the flowers, that would be awesome. ...what I described sounds impossible, but whatever. lol

  5. Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you!! Happy Birthday dear Kristiiin!!! Happy Birthday to youuu!!!!

    Your art is beautiful. I'd love for you to design a new blog header for me!!! My blog is called Wavy Lines, and it's a zebra-striped and highly colorful theme. I love zebras and lots of color! So I don't know, just something cool with zebra print (or zebras, if that can be done) and Wavy Lines on it in a big bright font.


    Have a wonderful birthday, Kristin! (And happy birthing day to your mom!)

  6. Happy Birthday Beautiful!! Since I already have a fabulous header from you, I'll just stand back and watch this one. I hope you have a WONDERFUL birthday. And I'll be seeing you tomorrow.

    Sparkles, Rainbows, and Unicorns! <3

  7. Happy Birthday, Kristin! Hope your day's fabulous. :)

  8. Happy (belated) birthday!!! I hope it was a fabulous one :D

    Great work here! Love the book picture!

  9. Happy Birthday!!!

    I love checking out all your work and would LOVE to win a button. You know how to find me if I win.

    Now for the look?? It would have to be something purple to go with the awesome blog design Kim did, and incorporate a tree of some sort, because I'm a total nature lover. I'm thinking the purple/silver thing on my blog would be a cool place to start.

    Lucky you! Our borders is closing :(

    My header? What I've ALWAYS wanted and haven't yet done is a line of people's legs - like they were my characters. You know, different styles - jeans, skirts, kids, adults... and then the words over the front something like
    Been Writing?
    Characters Welcome...

    Or something like that. We'll see...

  11. Happy Belated, Kristin! Love all those banners--esp the one w/the three round flowers. Hope you had a super day! :o)

  12. My idea: since my blog's title is Winged Writer, I thought it'd be cool to have four separate panes of things that fly but not necessarily from nature. Like an oragami bird, a chenille-stick butterfly, costume wings, etc. Those are just ideas, I'm open to suggestions.

    I love bright colors like this blog.

    My Blog

  13. Happy Birthday! What a great set of prizes to choose from. If I won (*fingers crossed*), I'd love a button made for my blog. How awesome!

    My 411 is: nicoleducleroir(at)gmail(dot)com