Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Five

So I've seen this meme around the blogs where you post five random things, and I'm really not sure who to give the credit to on that.  So THANKS to whoever thought it up :)

1) Wasn't Adele's first CD called 19, and the new one is 21?? Is this how old she is when she records them??  Either way, girl can SING!

2) After finishing Anna and the French Kiss (omg, best book I've read in a LONG time...swoooooon), I sat down to write, and everything came out present tense.  I am now in the process of changing my MS from past to present (so far it's only 13k words I think, so it shouldn't be too terribly awful).  Wish me luck.

3) I'm such a Gleek... and I could listen to every song Darren Criss sings over and over again. Oh wait, I do. (currently obsessed with "When I Get You Alone", and "Bills, Bills, Bills" :)

4) I just finished week one of the couch to 5k program.  Do I have to move on to week two, or can I just keep doing week one over and over again? ;)

5) I'm meeting with a photographer today for a mentoring session! I'm nervous/excited. I'm sure our time together will FLY by, and I hope I can soak up all the info she throws at me without getting too confused or discouraged (as I'm known to do).


  1. HA! Funny that you posted about Adele! I cannot stop listening to it since last night! I might do Friday Five next week, maybe later tonight.

    Maybe this should be a tradition!

  2. Enjoy your first photo session! You'll be fine.

  3. Good luck on the tense changes. those can be a bear!

  4. I hope you have fun on your mentoring session!

    I made the switch from past to present on my novel last year. It made it so much easier to write! Present tense really gives your book a sense of immediacy and (from what readers have said) brings them right into the novel and makes people feel it!

  5. Isn't Anna and the French Kiss the most swoonworthy book ever? I love it so much. Good luck with your mentoring session!

  6. :) Good luck with revising the tense in your manuscript, and also with your mentoring session! I'm sure it'll be fabulous. :)

  7. Good luck with the tense change.

    As for the Adele albums, I think she was the ages on the CD's when she recorded them. :)

  8. I'm also super obsessed with Darren Criss, ever since he was on "Harry Potter Musical." :)