Tuesday, February 15, 2011

In Which I Sing Penguin's Praises - And ATU Review!

Last month, some of you may recall my post highlighting the 1-11-11 release of a debut called Across the Universe by Beth Revis.  If you don't, check it out, because it's filled with awesome.

Anyway, the lovely people at Penguin who had provided me with all that info and video goodness to share said I'd be getting something a little special in February--something Across the Universe themed.  Hey, that's cool, I thought. I could always use a new bookmark or some stickers!

Well, today I get home from errand running, and there is a little package on my doorstep from Penguin. "Oh yeah!" I said with a smile. "My Across the Universe gear!"

I opened the package... and GASP!

I opened the book... and SQUEE!!

All I can say is, Penguin rocks my face off, and I surely hope when I get published one day (notice I said WHEN because I'm an optimist this week) that Penguin wants me because their marketing is made of awesome. 

I read the ARC as part of the blog tour started by fellow Texan Cinnamon who passed it on to the lovely Abby at Above Water who passed it to the always hilarious Kim Franklin who then passed it to me! I passed it on to another special blogging gal already (Kristi Chestnutt!), but I have a feeling that one of YOU may have a chance to score it next! Wink! Wink!  And if you aren't already following those ladies, do yourself a favor and clicky clicky!

Goodreads is being a brat at the moment and won't let me grab the synopsis, so you'll just have to go back to my previous ATU themed post and get the skinny if you've been living under a rock and don't know what it's about yet!!

My Thoughts:

I L-O-V-E-D every bit of this book.  The writing was fresh, the characters were INTERESTING, the storyline had such momentum throughout it was nearly impossible to put down. 

By the end of the first chapter, I was so engrossed that I kept on going... and going.. and gasping... and cringing... Amy's situation is heartbreaking and her emotions feel so real, I couldn't help but get attached to her right away.  Then comes Elder who struggles with what he's been told vs. what he's learning to be true, and I really felt for him/rooted for him.  I enjoyed the alternating POV between these two. Not only was it necessary since Amy is frozen part of the time (this isn't a spoiler... don't worry), but it lets us really feel the interaction between Amy and Elder from both sides--the culture shock, the curiosity, the attraction...

Even the secondary characters were developed well and interesting! AH I could go on forever. If you even remotely enjoy science fiction/young adult/really well written stories, READ THIS!

*I realize (fully) that a lot of my posts lately have been about books I've won in contests/random lovely things that have happened to me, and I'm getting a bit of a reputation as "lucky girl!" from some of you.  I just want you to know, that I don't take any of this for granted and that I fully anticipate my winning streak to come to a screeching halt very soon.  I'm just hoping there's no really huge let down involved somehow... you know when things are just going so good you start to worry... yes. That's where I'm at.    


  1. I read this over the weekend and it was 'wicked awesome'. (My exact words when I handed to my daughter and told her to read it.) =o)

    Now I'm wicked jealous that you got a prize pack of book related goodies. A signed copy? Seriously? Congrats and enjoy. Lucky dog.

  2. Well, like I said before, when YOU win, I feel like I win too, because I always get to read the good stuff. This book by far was one of the best and most original that I've read in a while. There's nothing that I can say about it that you haven't. It's going to be a long wait until the next one...

    I don't think that your winning streak is anywhere near over. I think you work hard, you support and encourage others, and you have a good head on your shoulders. Everything you get you have earned. I do believe in Karma, and I believe what you put out in the Universe comes back to you. I feel fortunate to know you both online and in the real world!

  3. B.E. - Definitely wicked awesome!!

    Heather - wow! I loved reading this... thanks so much!! :)

  4. That is so freakin' exciting!!!! I'm a Penguin fan myself, if only because they have AWESOME books!!! I think my favorite used to be HarperTeen, but Penguin is winning me over recently. I loved ATU, as well. Great read!

    I'm really excited about the Penguin "Breathless" tour, and I can't WAIT to see Beth Revis in person!!!! :)

  5. wow! that was really great of penguin!
    i've heard everyone raving about this book!

  6. I've been hearing lots of great things about this book. And the cover is gorgeous! I'm sure I'll be picking it up :D Thanks for the review!!

    Kudos to Penguin! Their marketing department sounds fabulous. I shall keep that in mind when query time comes ;)


  7. Squeee! I can't believe you got that swag from Penguin- oh, I would love for them to be my publisher too. They really seem to do a great job promoting their authors.

    So glad the Tour De Arc is still going strong! Thanks for promoting it Kristin!

  8. Hazzah! I got that package yesterday too! The happy dances, oh, they didn't stop. It was so awesome of Penguin! Abby sent me your link to let me know our Tour De Arc was still going on! That is awesome!

  9. AtU was great because it lived up to the hype. I usually try to keep my expectations down for hyped books, but not necessary here. :)

  10. I like PENGUIN too :) although I'm mostly working with HARPER COLLINS as a translator.

  11. Our signed copies match! I love Penguin!! They so rock! :)

  12. Oooh awesome! I haven't gotten my package yet, but hopefully I will soon!

  13. Shut the front door! Can't wait until mine comes! WOW!

  14. I saw this in B&N the other day and drooled over it. Congratulations on your signed copy! That is too cool.


  15. How cool is that?!
    I can't wait to read Beth's book!