Monday, February 21, 2011

Oh, the Humidity! And Something is Creeping...

Just came back from a morning run, aka interval training.  I'm covered in a nice layer of wetness.  Wasn't it just a couple weeks ago I mentioned snow flurries and ice storms? Now we're pushing upper 70's and it's hard to breathe out there. Don't get me started on the pollen. I'm already sniffing Nasonex, or whatever it is.    I'm all for springtime and tan skin, but please leave the extra moisture and pollen where it came from.

So, my already low confidence level took quite the hit this weekend, and I'm slowly trying to recover.  How common is it to feel just mediocre at every thing you try to do?  It's really wearing on me.  If only I were independently wealthy and I could afford photography workshops and writing workshops and a personal trainer/chef. But then I suppose that I'd be complaining about everything being too easy. Grrr. I hate to think my funk is creeping back into my life, but I really think it's trying. It's discovered where I'm vulnerable and is sneaking in for the kill (of joy).

But I push on. Because what else is there to do? Certainly not give up. No. Just keep learning, just keep taking pictures, just keep writing. Just keep trying to get better. Grrr. It doesn't help that my birthday is this week and I'm another year closer to 30.  Birthdays just come faster and faster every year, don't they? I'm telling myself to just make the most of it--so I'm planning a Birthday Banner Bash! Watch for that announcement on Wednesday.

On a happy note, I wrote almost 1k words this weekend on my WIP.  So that's something. I've definitely been inspired to keep going with it.  I also had a couple of model sessions this weekend.  One was for a boutique's advertisement and omg, the son of the boutique owner has a crush on one of the models and he wanted all of his pictures to be with her. Someone talked the girl into kissing his cheek and here is how that went:


  1. Awh - I'm sorry you're feeling a little "funky". I am not sure what's triggering that for you but you are far from mediocre at anything.

    Those pics are gorgeous btw. SEE, far from mediocre.

    Repeat after me: Sparkles, rainbows, and unicorns. I can do this!

  2. I'm conflicted. See, on one hand I feel bad for you because you are in a funk and I can currently relate to that. (I'm just not feeling like myself right now and it's soooooo frustrating.)

    On the other hand, though, you are complaining about upper-70's weather... Here in Michigan, I had to chip my car out of a block of ice this morning to get to work, so I can't feel too bad for you. ;P (In spite of that, I hope you are able to get out of the funk soon!!)

    Those pics are great, BTW. :)

  3. Those are the cutest photographs I have ever seen! I love how she looks all upset in the second one and he's secretly pleased! Sweetest thing ever.

    Don't worry about feeling mediocre. We all feel that way. I think the best advice is just keep working hard and it'll get better.

  4. Heather - what a great mantra.... i'll try to internalize it. Hopefully I won't have nightmares.

    J.M. - hahaha, i'm ok with weather in the 70's... it's the humidity that makes it miserable. Especially here in Texas, because that means the mosquitos are not far behind. Hopefully we both get out of our funks soon!

    Meredith - it was hilarious--he followed her around all morning :)

    Thanks! You've all brightened my day a little bit :)

  5. Adorable pics. I hope you can fight off the funk.

  6. I feel funky most of the time when it comes to the things I want most. I've never been the kind of person that is happy about passing--I want to be valedictorian of all things I do.

    It's a recipe for disaster really, but I doubt I will wake up tomorrow with lower expectations of myself. I keep thinking that everyone starts out the same. The difference is when you keep trying in spite of the funk.

  7. Aw, I hope the fun stays away! Just keep going for it! And this week is your birthday?!?!?!??!!!

  8. Ha, love the photos! I definitely know the kind of funk you're talking about. Hang in there! I've found that trying out new creative endeavors and eating lots of chocolate usually helps. And speaking for those of us on the other side of 30, it's really not so bad over here. :-)

  9. I hate the funk. Do something nice for yourself. Pampering is the best medicine when that sneaky funk appears out of nowhere.

  10. AWESOME pictures!! the second makes it!!

    I'm with ya, I have so many "hobbies" but I couldn't ever dump one.

    Swinging by to say hi from the blogfest, and following to make sure I don't miss anything good from here on out!!
    The Survival Mama

  11. Awe boo. I'm sorry you're down lately. It will pick back up though!! CUTE picture!

  12. I LOVE your photos. Everytime I mean to drop by here, I end up looking at your photos instead.

  13. Good grief, those pictures -- and the accompanying story -- are too cute for words! Congrats on getting 1k written over the weekend, definitely not mediocre!
    - Sophia.

  14. Love those photos, especially the second one! How cute!

    I'm sorry that funk's trying to creep up on you. I hope you can fight it off! If it makes you feel better, I'd absolutely love to be worried about turning 30 (rather than 43 - yikes!)