Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday Five

1. I'm getting a little impatient for The Vampire Diaries to start back up again...

2. It's fascinating that the singer Pink has successfully gotten people to know her simply by the name of a color.  I'm thinking I'll go by Heliotrope from now on.

3. Anyone buy any good music lately? Maybe movie soundtracks?? I got an iTunes gc for my birthday and I need help picking out an album or two.

4. STILL thinking about Anna and the French Kiss.... :)

5. Switchfoot signed my shoes last year, right?  Most of my followers saw this picture when I ranted and raved about it the next day.



Lately when I've been wearing them, people have been asking, "Who signed your shoes?!"  Sadly, not everyone knows the glory that is Switchfoot so I get some blank looks or assumptions that they are a local band.... well, this won't do.  Here is a little sampling of my all-time favorite band for your weekend.  It's a silly music video, but it features Jayma Mays from Glee, so that's fun! :) 


  1. I had Matt Thiessen (the leader singer of Relient K) sign my converse a few years back, and every time I told people who had signed them, nobody knew who he was. lol So I def understand :)

  2. Love Switchfoot & Anna and the French Kiss was a sweet read!

  3. new music? You should check out Clare Maguire, you have her sensational new video THE LAST DANCE over in my left sidebar :)

  4. I'm with so you on #1! Love the shoes and thanks for the video. Now I have to go to iTunes! ;)

    Enjoy your giftcard. Maybe check out Adele?

  5. Vampire Diaries SO needs to come back. Like, right now. I have so many questions! And I love Switchfoot! Everybody should be introduced to them.

  6. I'm about five episodes behind on Vampire Diaries... I should be banished!